well last week of course

last week

i was wishing i had that outfit from when i was little still... but in my current size.

ben and i got sa-weet tickets to a mets game and took friends with us. i heart baseball live. it's such a social fun sport, especially with a row of energetic dominicans behind you.

we planted our garden and apparently ben knows a bunch about gardening. he was totally holding out on me.

our friends came to visit from dc. and we ate and ate and saw a show and hung in the park and ate.
best. ever.

otherwise we scraped from the bottom of the fridge, until we realized all we had was milk... so that made the grocery list easy. one of everything, please!

the weather was chilly. and i hope for more spring this week and less pretend spring.
how is it that i got to talking about the weather? i guess i am just small-talking it with my blog now.

in church, people talked about the importance of social media. i think social media can be a really great tool. let's use it wisely.

peace out.


Peggy said...

Emily, where did you get that photo. such a cute little girl. I think I'll keep her. Can I grow more in my garden? Is anything pushing it's way out of the soil yet in that lovely garden plot of yours?

Peggy said...

You were such a little blondie. Is that really you?

Kristen said...

You were and are soooo cute.