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the last couple weeks...

we have seen 3 broadway shows in the last 8 days. for a few reasons... but partly because i don't want to miss any good shows. you just can't let things you want to do/see pass you by!

we saw once (see my review here)

we saw other desert cities (a play that is really well written and presented. about a writer who goes "home" for the holidays to visit her family in the desert - palm springs - she lives on the east coast. and it's all about the struggles the family has and a deep secret they all come to share. everyone did a fantastic job - all 5 of them - and we sat in the front row! lucky us!)

and we took our chances and entered the lottery for newsies the musical. ben won us two $30 seats! (newsies... you know, the old disney film is now on broadway! all that singing and dancing and backflips and high kicks. it was really a great show to see on stage. and now we have seen all the musicals nominated for the tony's 2012 best musical.)

i can understand if people aren't sooo into broadway shows, but i am a believer that there is a show out there for everyone!


we have been hangin'.

on memorial day we rented a car and drove over the george washington bridge through some of jersey, back into new york state to the woodbury commons outlets (really huge and full of amazing outlet stores). basically we blew all our money at the j.crew outlet. we just can't help ourselves.

we've been growing things in our garden. it's been raining just enough that i haven't had to go and water as often as i thought i would. but i have been trying to be good and weed and take care. weeding isn't fun mostly because at this point i have a hard time deciphering which green things are weeds and which green things are plants.

we are loving this break from law school for the summer. we are both keeping busy still (obviously) but there is something about no homework that really makes a difference.


laden backpack said...

I almost wonder sometimes if there is some sort of a connection between us because of your love for plays. I heard that you went to London once and did 8 Plays in 7 days and didn't even complain about it. I kind of like the movie "Newsies" enough, I guess, that I would try the play at the drop of a heavy hat. I didn't know about "Once"... Looked it up and saw the trailer on youtube, still in the dark. I will have to do some more
research on that one.
Glad the garden is growing. Emily, Emily, how does your garden grow? Looks good to me. Keep up the good posts.

shayna said...

I am super jealous about you two seeing Newsies. I really loved Newsies as a kid. I had the soundtrack on tape. Maybe I could try for tickets to that when I come out.

Peggy said...

that is the cutest little green tomato I've ever seen. I'm so proud of you!

Sienna said...

three broadway shows? so lucky! i haven't even seen one yet!!

Kristen said...

Great job on the little plants!