getting along better

maybe it seems strange, but i am constantly analyzing and taking things in a different way that they "normally" would be.

just the other day (now a month or so ago) a couple people i know were talking about mistreated dogs. how rottweilers and pit bulls get bad reputations. but "it's all about how they are taken care of" these people kept saying. it's so sad that they are found "just tied up to a lamp post" because no one wanted them, et cetera.
what if we looked at people like this? because of a characteristic of what defines them like gender, race, religion, culture - can't it be that they have a "bad" reputation because of a stereotype? that rottweilers and pit bulls are just mean - just like some people are just mean or ill tempered or ______ fill in the blank.

what if these people were treated better? could they play with all the rest of the dogs (people)? without being judged by their stereotypes and exterior?

i love people and i try my best to be kind and understanding even when i encounter someone who is a bad reputation dog. or is "unsavory."

if i can't believe in them, who will? who will let the pit bulls run with the poodles?

the phrase, "helping people get along better" is something i am thinking about constantly because i see a sign that says that almost everyday.
how can we all get along better...? it doesn't have to be that we all of a sudden have to just get along... period. it means, we progressively get along better.

is it as simple as helping the pit bulls of the world? letting them know that you, yourself care because you and that otherwise unsavory person are both members of the world society - and somehow you have some common ground because of it?

i get to thinking about a lot of these things when i am making my way through the city since i encounter such a diverse group of people -- from harlemites, those who live and those who loiter here -- to the businessy, snooties of midtown east -- to the hipsters and fancy folks of the village. it's such an interesting group and i just wish somehow we could all exist together harmoniously.

now i'm going to go put on my birkenstocks and draw pictures of people of the world holding hands around the globe.


communikate. said...

i like the way you think. look for me hugging the tree next to you okay? :)

shayna said...

Dang it. I just got rid of my birkenstocks from 8th grade. I love this post. You have a lovely mind.

Emily said...

annnnnd, this is why I like you. a lot.

laden backpack said...

I would like to teach the world to sing...nice thoughts in a nice post.

Peggy said...

I love hugging trees. The pit bulls of the world will be better because you are around to love them and I love you.

Linds said...

Just as long as you don't wear socks with your birks ;)

I think getting along better progressively one day at a time is my new goal for my boys.

You've always had a big heart and a big brain. I love them both.