gotham bar + grill and other good eats...

gotham bar + grill
we once ate here during restaurant week on one of our nyc visits. i was very impressed with it, but ben was even more impressed. so we went back to celebrate our may 10th anniversary but more so to celebrate ben on his 1st year of law school. such a huge accomplishment that totally deserves amazing, amazing food! food is new american/fancy. things like creamy risotto and mango souffles. can't get much better than that.
make a reservation and enjoy the excellent service.
about $100 pp depending on how much food you get. a fancier night out if you will. at 12 west 12th street (near union square/greenwich village "the village").

dos toros
the same set up as chipotle but WAY better. ben gets the steak burrito with guac and i get a taco and chips and salsa.
and it's just a delicious mexican food fix.
one on upper east side, union square, west village. $10 pp.

gourmet dining but family style - new american type dishes. the great thing about family style gourmet is it's very interactive and social. mmm and get the sugar and spice donuts for dessert if they have them.
gramercy/union square. spendy :)

taste d-lite
fake ice cream. it's a great fix for a frozen treat. although i prefer the (below) 16 handles.
all over the city. $5.

joe's pizza
supposed to be the best slice in the city. yeah, it was pretty good.
west village. $2 slice?

all different kinds of burgers - bison, beef, turkey, veggie - all organic/grass fed/free range crap. and their milkshakes?! oh their milkshakes. soooo good.
a few throughout the city. $15-$25 pp.

arepas bar! east village yumm venezuelan place. arepas are these little corn gordita type things. so many different choices. good prices.
east village. $8-$15 pp.

swedish sour gummy candy! lots of choices.
west village. pay by the ounce.

num pang
cambodian sandwiches. much like vietnamese banh mi. except better? really great sandwiches on baguette-ish bread with cilantro and meats and et cetera. yumm.
the village + near grand central. $8-$12.

luke's lobster
east village gem for lobster rolls.
$17 for lobster roll combo and it will fill you up!

momofuku milk bar
get a slice of crack pie (a whole pie is about $40 and may cause a heart attack) or get the compost cookie or the cereal milk ice cream (it's like eating cereal but in ice cream form. ask for it parfait style).
a few locations in manhattan, a couple locations in brooklyn. $3-$6.


really amazing italian food. the special spinach ricotta ravioli (it's a secret) is perfectly done. pastapastapasta.
carroll gardens, brooklyn. $15 for pasta.

16 handles
16 flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt. what could be better? just give me a little birthday cake flavor + mini peanut butter cups and i am HAPPY.
various locations throughout nyc. about $5 pp.

prosperity dumpling
5 dumpling for $1. sesame pancake (about the size of a piece of pizza) for $1. basically we can eat here for 2, for less than $5 and be TOTALLY happy. in chinatown/lower east side. i want to go here everyday just because it's the ultimate hole-in-the-wall. it's tiny, tiny, so cheap, so good.

harley's smokeshack
a new harlem bbq joint. there are plenty of options for everyone, even someone like me who doesn't love bbq. and it's a clean, new, cute little haven in east harlem.
east harlem. $15-$25 pp.

john's pizza
(not joe's, it's john's)
i think it's better than lombardi's. and grimaldi's. more flavor. best pie in the city?
west village. $18 for large pie.

victory garden ice cream
goat's. milk. soft. serve.
west village. $5.

the best name for a museum restaurant. go to the whitney museum. and eat here, at untitled. and report back.
$25-$40 pp.

p.s. have you noticed (if you're on google plus) and you google a restaurant, you get zagat ratings for restaurants?! the rating system is out of 30 - so anything 20 and above is pretty darn good!


shayna said...

I'm just so hungry. Add these all to our list of places to eat when I come out there.

laden backpack said...

this was a serious list of what sounds like killer food. oh yum, one a night and your list could keep you going for the last few weeks before you entered the hospital for some sort of fun stuff. Grimaldis under neath the George Washington bridge I am assuming. We went there for Kristen's graduation from C. We loved
it even after the long walk and the longer wait before we were served. Keep telling us about NYC yummies.

Brittany said...

I love you foodies. Next time I am in NY (hopefully sooner rather than later!), I am eating exclusively from this list.