i like my in-laws. ((part 2 of 2))

i think the name music box is my favorite name for a broadway theater.
dinner timeparking it at the park
grand central station (ben saw this and said, "you look funny.") muji. my favorite japanese homestore. (go here + here)
our first official family photo with our garden.

everyone tries to express their condolences when i tell them "my in-laws are in town." but i always assure them--- well actually, i quite like my in-laws! i totally won the lottery with in-laws. they are great. adventurous, foodies, fun, energetic, easy!
what more could you want in visitors, let alone in-laws!

we got to do so much while they were here. and i was happy about every bit of it.
we had wonderful meals, nice strolls around different neighborhoods.

linda+dave had been gifted tickets to once the musical... you know... that musical that i am obsessed with? so... it gave me+ben a really, really good excuse to get up early to get cheap tickets to see once again. twice? so we saw it again.
and it was even better the second time. go here to see my short added review about this amazing show.

we also saw one man, two guvnors. a british play about a guy who has two jobs and is trying to juggle working for two different demanding people. it's all slap-stick humor and the lead, james corden is a like a younger, funnier, british version of chris farley. and not so loud. pretty sure all four of us were laughing so hard we were crying. it's healthy to laugh like that every once in a while.

we went to the whitney museum and saw the neatest exhibit called "fireflies on the water." you go into a square shaped room alone, where little lights hang - and you stand on a platform that is surrounded by water and the walls are all mirrors. you get 60 seconds in there. you kind of just keep thinking to yourself, "this is so cool."
the whitney is "pay as you like" on fridays from 6pm-9pm. eat dinner at untitled before or after just because it's awesome and called untitled.

we ventured to chinatown for 5 dumplings/$1, sauntered in soho, shopped at century 21 downtown, took the staten island ferry, ate incredible pizza + goat's milk soft serve ice cream in the west village, took it easy on sunday but also celebrated our nyc pride for pride day in the east village with big gay ice cream. mmmm.

note: ben and his parents did a bit more during the day... but i missed out on those fun times :(


hanner said...

i like your dress.

Linds said...

I love your in-laws. It looks like you guys had a blast! I'm so proud of your garden.

laden backpack said...

hope you love your out laws too. So fun to know you guys all had a great time especially with another viewing of "Once". You guys are lucky guys. It goes without saying the first official, garden family photo is a hit. Still can't believe in that sea of humanity a garden grows in Harlem. Good job Emily and Ben

shayna said...

G'day guvnor.