i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

patriotic flag at a new harlem restaurant // watermelon for dinnerstudio 54 // painting by my mamma
my nieces who are the cutest // we loved the tony awards

well goodness me.

i'm baaaaaaaaack.

the tony awards made my year. once once once the musical! it won a lot of stuff. including best musical. i would see it again in a second if the line to get cheap tickets wasn't 5+ hours long :)

studio 54. was amazing. have you been? we saw a play there (yes we see a lot of shows).
and it's such an amazing venue. it's huge and old and cold and eerie and has leopard print carpet and no leg room. one of the prettiest theaters i've ever seen. maybe the prettiest.

summer is the best. watermelons? strawberries and raspberries on my cereal?
do you know how much the lady at trader joe's MADE MY WEEK by finding berries in the stock room (because i thought they were out... they are always out!)?! i love her.
oh and i may have mentioned but we have a garden AND stuff is growing.

we saw moonrise kingdom, the new wes anderson film. i thought it was new and fresh and fun and i love wes' quirky style.


shayna said...

We have the cutest nieces. How did we do it?

Linds said...

I love hidden berries. It sounds so cherry-on-top!

Anna said...

mmmmmm watermelon....
your mom's painting is amazing!

communikate. said...

i'm drooling over the watermelon right now. baby loves it right now. :)

and i'm glad you're baaaaaaaack. i wondered where you went to.

laden backpack said...

watermelon and plays, what more could one ask for? Summertime, but only in the days of summer that are cooler, good thunderstorms sometime cool down things just a bit, if you like sticky. Who are the cute nieces? nice post.

Peggy said...

Mmmm, watermelon, diagonal chandeliers at grand central, chinqua terra, and THE NEICES! there is true joy and beauty.