shakespeare in the park

every summer, nyc does shakespeare in the park. central park. in the delacourte theater... which is right in the middle of the park (well technically not the exact middle...)! you sort of "forget" you're in the city.
and it's oh so lovely.

you can get your free tickets 1 of 2 ways:
1. stand in line pretty much all day 6am-1pm, which doesn't guarantee you a ticket
2. enter the virtual lottery online and hopefully win!

ben and i had entered the online lottery every day we could - when we didn't have something else going on that night.
and yesterday, ben won!
ben is super lucky! and i'm lucky to be married to him!

the production this month is as you like it which is totally hilarious (it's a comedy, hence the HAHA) and really well done.
oftentimes, shakespeare in the park productions later make their way to broadway. and you know how we looooooove broadway.

the lead, rosalind is an actress we saw on broadway! and there were also a few other "famous" people in the play.

i really loved it and enjoyed the escape and turning my "shakespeare ears" on - since i feel like i have to translate that funny talk :)

and it just so happened to the only chilly night nyc will see this summer - and we were just in our shorts and long sleeve shirts (ok i brought a jacket)
but i was desperate and put a reusable grocery bag over my legs (put my feet in it...) and then put the corresponding reuseable produce bags on my knees. i was good to go!
we were still cold.

and opted out of getting frozen yogurt afterwards, as previously planned. ha.

but it's funny how you don't care if you're cold when you're watching shakespeare in the park.


p.s. the above photo of me was taken friday in central park. if only i had been wearing longer pants like that day...


shayna said...

Grocery bags as leg warms and kneepads? I think that could be the next fashion trend.

laden backpack said...

You are lucky people. Wow, anything in the park is a hoot, good job Ben winning the lottery!!!

communikate. said...

First, lets talk about how awesome your hair is. I love the style and length on you.

Second, that Ben sure is LUCKY! You guys are my idols. I seriously mean that.

Peggy said...

I remember seeing Shakespeare in the park oh, so many years ago. Memories. I had a friend who was a policeman who helped us get in. You got to know a guy-- or win the lottery.