where are we going?! south ferry!

caught - with cell phones in hands!
one world trade center progress

one time when we visited new york city, we took the subway down to south ferry where you can catch the free staten island ferry and the free governors island ferry.
there was a presumably father and daughter saying to each other:
"where are we going?!"
"south ferry!"
"where are we going?!"
"south ferry!"

it was cute and has stuck with me ever since.

ben's parents were here for a few days and we took the staten island ferry to staten island and back.
it's free--- you get to see the downtown manhattan skyline, the pretty bridges, the statue of liberty, ellis island. it's all good fun.

i always have to remind myself it's not a quick trip. it's like a 1.5 hour - 2 hour deal. i will remember that next time, i will.

and luckily the heatwave had subsided by saturday so we could actually enjoy ourselves. and get out into "nature" and feel the "ocean" breeze.

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Linds said...

It sounds like the song from Dora-'Where are we going?'

I think you guys are cute together. A cute couple. A couple of cuties.

Everything in my world takes longer than expected these days.

shayna said...

Wait, was I the "sister?" Or was it Kristen? You take a good picture, did you know that?

laden backpack said...

What a nice boat ride, seems to be a regular ritual with visitors to NY to take the monumental ferry ride and see in real life what has become immortal in our mind's eye. Keep up the good work.