beach bums

more photos from mexico (here + here too).

if it weren't for the need to reapply sunscreen --- being at the beach would be complete bliss and perfection to me.
...there sure is something to be said about ocean water that is warm and fine sand beaches with your family that you love love love.

ben and i even took the cliche´ long walk on the beach... turns out it was a really long walk. about 4 miles. it's ok, we're used to walking a lot.

we sure were spoiled last week in meh-hee-coh.


shayna said...

We miss you so much...when are you coming back?

laden backpack said...

These pics are always sad to me because it reminds me of how nice it
is to be together and how sad it is
to be so far apart. I know we all have our own lives, activities and responsibilities but there is nothing
that is more lasting that our ties with each other. Thanks for making such nice visual memories.I love your blog, it is always a comfortable place to go and relax and be peaceful

carla thorup said...


and i'm jealous of the beach. looks amazing.

Linds said...

I've been dreaming of beaches.
I'm glad you guys were all able to get together, major props. It's difficult to get my whole family together ;)