benny boo's birthday

i could list 29 reasons why i love ben for his 29th birthday... but that would be too easy and well... i would keep wanting to list and list long past the 29th thing.

i am really glad ben was born. and that he was a summer baby. and that he loves watermelon - so much so, that one year (or maybe more than one) for his birthday, he had a watermelon as his birthday cake. that could also happen this year.

i know it's all been said before (blah blah blah)
that i love ben so much for his optimism. and his happy attitude. and his love of me and my quirks. and his patience. and his knowledge and big brain. and his hard work. and his friendlyness. and his talents. and it always has to be said - his love of travel and food.
and all these things.

he lets me take naps, lots of naps. we cook together. he runs family errands. we take care of the garden and our apartment together. i could not have asked for a better teammate. and there is no one else i get more excited to celebrate (even myself).

and i just feel like the luckiest lady to be married to the coolest guy (ever).

happy birthday, ben. i love love love you.

p.s. the above photo of ben as a baby is perfect for many reasons - one being that even now, ben spends a lot of time near the christmas tree making sure all the presents are arranged properly and the ornaments are placed accordingly. i love it.

today... we are somewhere on a beach in mexico - celebrating ben!


Linda M. said...

What an adorable baby! I am so glad Ben was born. Today calls for a BIG celebration!

Linds said...

This is such an adorable photograph. I think Ben is a great genuine guy and I'm glad he's my friend :)