ben's mexican birthday (in mexico)

taco spread
birthday boy who has the best beach hair. ever.
tres leches con dulce de leche
i love him

monday was ben's birthday - and since we are in mexico for the week, we celebrated with just the right amount of mexican sun, beach, fun and food. not to mention with the other 19 members of my family.

ben wanted tacos and tres leches for his birthday... so that's what he got. a local posteria (pastry shop/bakery) made ben the best tres leches cake with a dulce de leche filling. ummmm muy delicioso.

ben's highlights of his bday were:
being with me (duh)
hanging at the beach/pool
the food
laying in the hammock

such good things. everyone deserves a birthday like that!


communikate. said...

best birthday ever!

oh, and can be one of your siblings? you guys know how to party.

Linda M. said...

Sounds fabulous!

shayna said...


laden backpack said...

Nice to be with you on your birthday, Ben. Enjoy your birthday week, I am sure there will be some excitement that will hit the blog...it is sat. and you do live in NYC so happy birthday again.

Alison said...

that sounds like a fun day. cute kids

Peggy said...

Happy birthday month, Ben, from your birthday month buddy. It was so good and so fun. and all the pictures are beautiful.

Linds said...

That food looks fantastic. I heart the balloons. so. cute.