my hair.
ben's hair.
charlie's angels.

yes. my family is quite large. we just seem to keep multiplying.

my parents fell in love and got married (2 people). approximately 40 years ago --- which was the inspiration for our family trip to mexico.

then it was 7. then we started adding... adding... adding. now 21.
i am happier and happier with each addition, although - i think adding ben was the best darn thing we (i) ever did.

things i've also been thinking .:.
ben has the best beach hair. he didn't really wash it much while we were in mexico so it just got better and better. easier to sculpt.
my hair. was pretty ok too... got a little dreadsy but i am paying for it now because i actually have to brush it...
my family is beautiful. my family is smart. my family is fun. my family is adventurous.
my family - i love them.
i am grateful for family. for vacation. for mexican food.
i am grateful for love in my life.
i am grateful for the beach and for sunshine.

long live summer.

more mexico here, here + here.


Miss Bear said...

Love you and that cute family of yours!!

communikate. said...

beach hair is da' best.
you guys are all golden and brown. lucky. lucky.
i love the color flag photo. rad. frame it eh?

laden backpack said...

I always enjoy it when you guys do sister pictures, both by marriage and by birth. There is a unity about the pictures that bespeaks family solidarity. Nice pics throughout, effective memory recall to see and to
read your remarks. nice post

Peggy said...

Yep, it was a toss up as to who had the best hair, Ben or I.
I llove the double photo of Kris, Eun and babies.
It is amazing how beautiful you all are at 98 degrees and 98% humidity. Love it! Love family. Thanks

sienna said...

glad you made it back safely. i hate the post-vacation adjustment. so hard to get back into the swing of things, but so fun to be eating from the garden and back in the city that you love. you look so cute with that perfect baby in your arms!

Emily said...

Those Mexico pictures are gorgeous! And isn't it crazy how much can come of 2 people in love?!

Linds said...

i have a mini crush on those angels.