fried chicken + waffles

what? you didn't think i would post my fried chicken and waffles in all its glory?!

you've heard of fried chicken and waffles?

i've known it's a thing for a while... but i thought... i'll try it someday. and then we moved to harlem. and nearly a year later, me and ben finally tried it.

katie (pictured above), ben's sister, flew in late sunday, so we thought no better way to welcome her to harlem than to get soul food! fried chicken and waffles is really quite rad. and i will probably never have it again so i can avoid an early death.
it's the best blend of salty/sweet/fried/unhealthy.

if you're interested in this delectable meal ::
amy ruth's is rockin'.


shayna said...

mmmm fried on fried. My favorite.

communikate. said...


i love when two different foods come together and marry. it's the best hook up ever. (i'm talking to you maple donut bar and bacon.)

Katie said...

And we got free diet coke refills! Best Harlem welcome ever.

Linds said...


C said...

Yum. Sign me up. Two of my favs together.

laden backpack said...

count me out. chicken on crepes maybe but not on a waffle.

carla thorup said...

i went to the less authentic Wingers for this combo... and it was very tasty. i'd like to try the real deal with you guys one day. (or like, any of the incredible food you guys eat. i need to visit new york for your food tour!)