how many kids can you fit in a pool?

baby rocket (charlie beckham) with grandpapaige, grandma and rocketjane
addyson, me
ben, addyson, me

nine kids. that's how many you can fit in a pool.

all last week we were in mexico in a lovely family friends' beach house... playing at the pool. playing in the ocean. eating mexican food. with my whooooole family. yep. 21 people in total.

i was content just hanging at the house everyday. when the pacific ocean waves got too big or the sand was too in-my-swimsuit, i just got in the pool.

pretty sure we were in the pool every evening until it was dinner time. and we even did some night swimming (would have done it more if it weren't for the mosquitos).

as much as i love my parents and siblings... those nieces and nephews of mine --- i sure have a special place for. those little tiny kids that give the biggest bugs and say the sweetest things.
i love those little kids. i love watching them grow. i love playing in the pool with them. in mexico.


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laden backpack said...

Shayna has a strange obsessions with whatever that is in her comment. Great post, fun to see everyone, thanks for including the rents in the pics. And a great time was had by all.

Linds said...

I love how Paige, Grandma & Rocket are all making the same cute face. I can't believe how grown up all of those kiddos look. Crazy.