i love my city. i love my country.

this is basically how our fourth of july went down:

slept in (win).
ate (yes).
hung around (awesome).

lunch at a fancy place - since they have a special lunch menu and we haven't been able to go since we are both hard working people (delicious - very).
we are foodies... because if you have to eat to live, you need to eat well!

spiderman the movie (andrew garfield, yum).

walking through the city streets that were practically deserted. it was eerie and (i could get used to having the city to ourselves sort of thing).

we got our nails did - emily pedicure/manicure, ben pedicure (fun).

quick trip home for dinner (corn on the cooob).

watched the fireworks from up high (such great heights).
my friend, who is actually out of town, let us go up to her roof (about 50th floor) and watch the fireworks. they were a little far off into the distance... but we still saw a lot. and that view... oh that view!

homemade watermelon sorbet (score!).


Caroline said...

Sounds amazing!!!

shayna said...

You always take such great firework pictures. You should start a business.

communikate. said...

whoa.. that's a sweet view!

ahlin said...

oh my goodness, that sounds so dreamy. i want to see nyc on the fourth all deserted and such!

Brittany said...

Perfect holiday. I'm dying over these NY photos.

Linds said...

I'm in love with those pictures. So. Amazing.

laden backpack said...

don't know how I missed this one. Nice pics of the city. Sometimes in low light or no contrast light situations the autofocus on the camera
hunts for something to focus on and the sensors cant quite put it together so you end up with a soft picture like in #2. you can solve that
by going to manual focus and maybe putting the camera on the balcony so
there is not camera movement from the photographer, hope that information is