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liverpool v. tottenham
cutest little family // liverpool: we love you long time
not only did ben get to go to mexico for his birthday,

but he also got to go see liverpool play a soccer game in real life - only his favorite soccer team ever - and he got to go with his favorite person - me. too bad it wasn't in his favorite city - but baltimore is ok and it's only a bus ride away.

we took the bus from nyc to baltimore in the early morning on saturday - arrived a bit early for the game.
we roasted in the sun (102 degrees?) and got smart - moved and sat up in the only shaded part of the stadium. i think otherwise we both would have passed out (not sure how all the other crazy fans got through the game without shade... alcohol?).

there were sooo many liverpool supporters there - even on the way to the stadium, there were people singing the liverpool song, and ben lit up with pure happiness.
i said to ben, "it's your people!"
because for all we know there aren't a lot of liverpool fans since liverpool isn't the winningest team there is.

there were 42,000+ people at the game. pretty rad for a pre-season game in the usa! i felt proud of all the soccer fans.

after the game, we got to enjoy baltimore's inner harbor a little, got ice cream (rita's) and got some classic maryland blue crabs. looove those (a couple of my favorite times here and here).

i'm really glad ben let me tag along for his birthday to see his favorite team and his favoritest player play (on the hottest day ever).

p.s. it was a draw (liverpool and tottenham tied).


laden backpack said...

Well, now, Baltimore is a great place. Seems like I did some time on the inner harbor and loved it. Are
there not shops and fun places to eat there. I think I had a dose and a half of really tasty chicken fajitas at a place that could be out of business for serving too much food for too little money. Soccer games are great, but there are really great under the lights, no direct sun and no need for something to drink to keep you from passing out. Well continuous happy birthday been and happy day Em. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

laden backpack said...

oops forgot to proof it, you get the gist of it, I hope

Unknown said...

Who is ben's "favoritest player?"

I jealous. It is always a rare gem to see some top flight teams play here in the states.

Rhianne said...

I find it really random that Ben supports Liverpool but awesome at the same time! I'll be thinking of him the next time I watch Norwich play them lol

shayna said...

I love that field. I just love mowing strips. I can't take my eyes off of it. Do you think it would make a lovely color (s) for a dress?

communikate. said...

soccer is the only sport that i'm really willing to pay a ticket for and support. plus i love how random strangers high five and hug you when our team scores. it's funny/weird. :)

Linds said...

Moving to the shade is genius.