near lincoln center .:. war horse

doesn't he look dashing?

i don't know how many times i've/we've walked byaroundnear lincoln center ... and until saturday night, i don't think either one of us had actually been to a lincoln center theater. i know. for shame! but we are definitely going to continue to change that.
i want to go the ballet and the opera. yes, i want to be those people. we went to our first opera in dc... and i think we were instantly addicted.
i've always dreamed of being really good at dancing (ballet) or really good at singing (lead singer of a band)... so i love to watch some of the very best perform these things, live, in front of me - so i know that someone else is really good at these things.
so i don't have to be. (ha)

we went and saw war horse. which is a broadway production at lincoln center. it was so incredible. i'm not sure why we waited so long to see it.
obviously the horse isn't real in the play, it's a horse made of a wooden frame and sort of mesh filling - and a group of puppeteers play the horse (and other animals as well) and it is the most incredible thing to watch -
two people are the body of the horse (legs, rear, etc) and one person is the head. they control all the movement and the sounds of the horse. they are the horse. so much so that you forget that the horse isn't real.
loved it. would see it again. it's a really sweet story. heavy subject matter (ww1) but sweet.
here is a not so great clip from the 2011 tonys of the horse - war horse won the 2011 tony for best play (and rightfully so).

afterwards we may have bused down about 20 blocks for some ice cream at shake shack... because it's tradition :)

p.s. last night we saw into the woods in central park (same theater as shakespeare in the park). have you ever seen it? it's a musical - a parody on many different fairytales like cinderella, little red riding hood, jack and the beanstalk ... it was a lot of fun. we were laughing pretty hard. my favorite was the song sung by cinderella's prince and rapunzel's prince called "agony." it's so hard being a prince! ha. so funny.
thank goodness for free outdoor summer fun in nyc.


shayna said...

I actually think I've seen Into the Woods. A long time ago in Boise. Is that even possible? At a dinner theater.

communikate. said...

I just can't get the SNL skit of War Horse out of my head anytime I hear anything about this play/film. "Waaaaa Horse."

You guys are awesome and cultured and dashing!

EunnieProctor said...

I love that first picture of Ben. I also love that you guys take full advantage of what the city offers. I wanted to see what you looked like that night. Bet you looked hot.

Emily said...

You and me next summer. Fer realz.

laden backpack said...

I wanna see both plays now!

Unknown said...

I had no idea you wanted to be a rock star... I guess we have this in common.

Linds said...

Bummer it wasn't a real horse. heehe.