today i just felt really happy.

me and baby quincey // lincoln center fountain
ben in the canyons of the upperwestside (uws) // lincoln center box office
gardener emily // restaurant week - pretty nyc restaurant
tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden. we grew them.

coming back from vacation is always hard. our trip back sucked - our connecting flight in dallas (on the way back from mexico 1, 2, 3, 4) was a mess. the immigration line (to get our passports stamped) was the longest we've ever seen it. y'all: we've visited 30+ countries together and never seen an immigration line nearly as long. so we missed our connecting flight. we were able to get on the next (and last flight) to nyc - but almost missed that. and so we didn't have time to grab food - so we ended up eating wendy's on our stoop at midnight when we were finally home. ha. wendy's never tasted so good.

i don't know if it was stressful travel or something - i felt yuck the next few days which is always nice when you're catching up at work. blaaah.

we had a busy week - with good and bad.

the good - we got to meet our friends' (suziecole) new baby, quincey... the sweetest little baby girl. she just hangs out, sleeps and doesn't make a peep. holy nuggets - there is something so special about a newborn baby. i just wanted to hold her until my arm fell off.

it's rewarding to have a garden. stuff you grow yourself just tastes better?

nyc restaurant week(s) is upon us. we are. in heaven.
(restaurant week is when fancier/spendier restaurants have a prix fixe [set price] menu for 3 courses. pretty rad.)

today i just felt really happy. it sounds so cliche' but i feel really blessed and sort of a sigh like everything is really okay, really great today.

i feel so grateful:
to be employed and love the people i work with.
to be married to a super smart and hardworking man who is in the midst of such a taxing and intense educational career at the moment.
to be married to my best foodie-planner-traveler-buddybuddy-lover friend.
to live in the city and the neighborhood i do. nyc and harlem - you are rough and tiring but also beautiful and perfect.


Receli said...

Happy days are so great! They make all the other ones worth it. Life is good... but can I have a tomato from your garden?

shayna said...

And the bad?

communikate. said...

I love those moments of feeling so happy and blessed.

NYC restaurant week?! I swear you guys just went to that. It's been a year already? Wowzer.

The Proctor Group said...

Yeah what were the bads of the day? Glad you are happy. Congrats again to Ben!

his little lady said...

all of these photographs are just so beautiful!
love the chandeliers and all of the greenery!
xo TJ

laden backpack said...

It is so nice to be happy and so
happy that you are nice. Relish
these times, they are great.

Linds said...

this is a good reminder to count my blessings. you're a good example to me. love you.