where have you been all my life?*

dinner out // sad immature carrots
letter press map! // mmm ice cream that's gay
uptown nyc // one world trade center in progress
peach gelato // nyc park symbol

i love romantic dinners out with the husband where we eat too much and then i trick ben into walking from the west side to the east side with me. hehe.

our garden carrots haven't really matured yet. the internets information i read on carrots was lying about carrot maturity.

my impressive friend taught herself to letter press - then designed her wedding invitations. then invited us. i love it all. especially that on our rsvp we have to draw a picture or write a joke. those little cards will be displayed at the wedding.
i like creative people. it makes me want to be more creative.

we love ice cream, especially when it's gay.

uptown girl. that's what i am.

that one world trade center building is getting really tall. like really tall.

peach gelato gets better and better. if you know us in real life, you are invited over anytime for this summer treat. yum yummy yum.

i love the pretty leaf symbol for the nyc parks.

in other news, i am excited to have the day off tomorrow and play in this pretty-city-concrete-jungle with my lover poo.

*i have that rihanna song in my head... where have you been all my life? it makes me want to dance.


communikate. said...

Dude.. I wish we could just jet over and enjoy some peach gelato. MMM.

caroline said...

i love, love those carrots! (and your peach gelato)

shayna said...

Gross. Lover poo?

Linda M. said...

Best peach gelato anywhere!

Linds said...

I like dancing with you.

Peggy said...

Oh, that is the cutest photo of you and your teeny, tiny carrots