a visit from katie

yep, i see the resemblance.
a little bit of china(town)
ice cream in the park... one of summer's best things?

ben's sister, came to visit us this week. guess what we did? ate a lot of food. surprise, surprise.

we asked katie her top 5 highlights of the week - she got to see once the musical (my faaaavorite), so that was a definitely highlight but other than that...
highlights were foooood. lots and lots of good food. a lot of which eaten in a park, which i thoroughly enjoy. i've noticed we eat at a lot of places that are tiny with little to no seating - so sorry to our guests! please bear with us :)
and we got our fair share of the olympics in the nighttime.

it was a bummer i had to work all week... haaaa. but we sure had fun evenings !!!

we really loved having katie here. she is one of my favorite people - so smart, considerate, kind, fun! and she really goes all out in new york - she knows all the good knit shops and now she's the master of the bus system.
i love the bus. and katie.

p.s. we decided the emily family is lacking on visits. we've almost lived here a year and here's how the tally goes:
emily family - 1
ben family - 4

shameful, emily family. shameful.


laden backpack said...

First of all if we had known Katie was coming we would have imposed and come too. She is cool. Second we are
going to take care of some of the
deficit in the Emily Family score next
month, so there. Third, eating in the park is almost as nice as eating in the mountains, good choice. Fourth ice cream anywhere as long as it end up in our mouth is the greatest. Good

Unknown said...

For the love of Pete we have three children!!! Also I am a P-O, po student. Not to be confused with a poo student but I am probably that too.

Emily said...

I would like to count in the emily family...

shayna said...

Remember, it was the airline's fault. Not mine. I love that ice cream factory. Red bean ice cream!

carla thorup said...

holy brother sister twins!

Katie said...

Thanks for the fun times. You two are the best hosts EVER! I love New York, but I love you guys even more. Can't wait for my next visit!