a wedding? i love weddings!

the hudson... then jersey city
about to be married!
creative replies (rsvps) hanging from a ribbon tree
me + my looooveour newly engaged friends - tal + nathanme + jenn + ameliamargaux the rockstar (she sang us all a song)
margaux + me!
ben, jonathan, margaux, guess who that lady is? me.

on sunday we had the pleasure of attending margaux (mar-go) and jonathan's wedding. they had it at the chelsea lighthouse which is right on the hudson river.
as they were married, the sun was setting and boats were going by. birds were on the water. it was so romantic and picturesque.
no foolin'.

i started crying when i saw margaux walking down the aisle - she just looked so gorgeous and i also felt so much happiness for her because i know how much she loves jonathan (and he loves her) but also... she put sooo much work into their wedding. her creative and beautiful brain came up with so many of the little, lovely details of the wedding.
like the creative replies! i loved this. people drew pictures, wrote kind words, wrote jokes, told a funny story about the bride or groom. it felt very personal and like all the guests got to be involved.

the wedding, the whole thing went perfectly and was a whole night of fun. we would eat and then dance and then eat and dance again. we were eating dessert at literally midnight.
(let's just say monday was hard on all of us. sooo tired.)
but the wedding band was incredible and so into it that the guests had to dance the night away.

my heart just feels so happy for love birds getting married. i am so happy that margaux found such a saint like jonathan. such a great match. (thanks jdate)
and i also feel so much love for my marriage when i attend other weddings.
it's a win win for everyone!


shayna said...

I totally agree. I feel like going to other weddings is good for my marriage. And going to other weddings is good for my waistline. I go for the food.

kELLO! said...

weddings are so much better when married.

and do you know how much i love the name margaux?

you look pretty, as always.

Sadie Dear said...

It looks like that was a very lovely wedding, indeed! I haven't been to as many weddings in my whole life as I have been since I got married. I love them all... big and small!

Brittany said...

Wedding! I love weddings too. And hello, you look so so beautiful. Your hair and that color. Way to go.