and the world will know

bryant park
emily + caroline. and some other people too.
my favorite pretty city

caroline, also known as the fellow-student-bestie-friend-who-got-me-through-grad-school came to visit over the weekend (yes, it does feel like we're always either out of town or having fun guests in town!).

and what did we do? we took it easy, ate lunches and ice cream sandwiches in bryant park, saw a show (newsies, so good - even for our second time!) and the songs are still in my head, took the free ferry to governors island (technically part of manhattan), some of the bestest pizza at john's of bleecker (the real john's pizza), goat's milk ice cream, sitting in our favorite corner of the west village and of course a visit to the garden. the complete nyc tour with emily + ben, basically.

and the weather even cooperated. i loved every last minute. even when that guy from l.a. who sees "every broadway show" (including, bring it on the musical... seriously? i have standards dude!) tried to show me up on how much he knew about shows and how to get cheap tickets to shows.
don't challenge this girl, you'll lose. err something...

p.s. i've never realized how fancy bryant park is. you wanna know why? it's privately owned. not to say nyc run parks aren't beautiful - they are - but bryant park... well no wonder why fashion week has been held there in the past. fancy schmancy.


shayna said...

Pulitzer and Hearst they think they got us. DO they got us?

kELLO! said...

i hope that one day i will be able to say "ate lunches and ice cream sanwiches in bryant park, saw a show..." etc.

laden backpack said...

Pretty city with plenty of excitement. Hard to have a camping trip with a group of scouts, though, come to think of it, it is hard to have a camping trip with a group of scouts anywhere. You two (C and Em)
look like you are in top form on the
boat looking for the S of L. Great place to spend a nice day.

Linds said...

I like the em&ben NYC tour. Always includes the best of the best.