beautiful women in my life

foxy ladies (plus some babies)
emilys squared
emmy + linny
em + si + baby kai (who didn't want to be photoed)
mamma and seesters

a huge treat i get when i/we go to utah... is i get to see some of the beautiful women in my life. many of them, in fact.
i felt lucky to see all these women - especially because being in utah was such a whirlwind of events and seeing people and driving places and getting things done.

i'm glad i got to baby-shower-it-up for my favorite emily (besides myself, of course). and oooo and awww about a lot of pink clothing and a lot of tiny baby things. tiny baby things are the cutest things.
i'm glad i got to talk with old friends like we're still old friends.
i'm glad i got to hang with sister + her fam and my parents, eating food, talking about travel and just sort of soaking up our time together.
i'm glad we got to stay with sister-in-law at her new house, have pool time, have pancakes.
i'm glad we got some aggie ice cream, with just enough time to rush it and enjoy it.
i'm glad we got to be
in utah
in summer.

not pictured (but i saw): linda, katie, christina. we should be better about taking photos together! let's make it our goal.


laden backpack said...

All kinds of amazing things happening in the world of Emily's women friends and otherwise. This is amazing. Keep
the observations and the pictures coming.

Emily said...

How did that happen so fast? Thank you for coming, it meant more than you know. I'm lusting your purple skirt. xoxo

EunnieProctor said...

I'm lusting over your purple skirt as well. Love the photo of you and Kristen. So many pretty ladies!

sienna said...

so cute. thanks for coming. it was great to see you!

shayna said...

Man, I have really pretty sisters and mom. Wow. I am so happy to be related to such fabulous women.

Linds said...

i love aggie ice cream. i love you.