good date, good date, good date *

i've always wanted a "half" address
pretty sister + fab food joint
jane's carousel
the best views of manhattan + brooklyn bridge are at brooklyn bridge park (dur)
the one where we look dreamy
kaleidoscope water tower!
who doesn't love a carousel on the water in a glass encasement?
serious and silly at the bus stop
and then i ate 2 whole pizzas by myself (...jk...)

*this one time, a while back when sister shayna and i were hanging out, one of us was on the phone too much during our "date" so the other said, "bad date, bad date, bad date!" ha...
needless to say, having sister here over the weekend was a GOOD date.

shayna flew in friday morning just in time for me to show her around our apartment and get her settled before i headed to work.
then it was...
a visit to the moma design store where sister bought me the nicest thing... the most perfect gift...
a rainbow umbrella.
we got our nails did. i am sort of addicted to this $20 for a manicure/pedicure thing (p.s. i HATE saying mani/pedi... sounds like a disease)
we ate
and then got ice cream
and sat in the park (with my feet up to avoid the rats... tmi? sorry.)

we woke up (not that early) and headed down to my least favorite place [times square] that has one of my favorite things [broadway shows]. got tickets
then got doughnuts and delicious beverages
then somehow managed to eat lunch shortly thereafter at the cutest little eatery -'ino- in the west village (delicious tooooo)
we saw chaplin on broadway. i think i loved it. oh yes i did. it was exciting and fun and heart-wrenching and i want to learn more about charlie chaplin and the shattered lives of hollywood stars
we ventured to brooklyn - just over the bridge - to see jane's carousel and find that kaleidoscope-like water tower. the water tower sits atop a building at 20 jay street in brooklyn (just north of the manhattan bridge). the water tower can be seen if you're standing under the mahattan bridge right near the water - or better yet, if you're on the bridge. the tower is in the southwest corner of that building. i thought it was gorgeous and i hope it stays. it would be a shame to take it down.
we then went to our reservation at spice market and had a 2.75 hour dinner - dinners that long make me so happy. it's just like a whole event within itself and that keeps me happy.
we came home and looked at photos from tropical vacations as my eyes were slamming shut

we went to church and shayna knew more people there than i did (ha)
we waited for the bus and went to patsy's pizza in east harlem (the original). if you want to know the story of ny pizza, i will tell you. later. (it involves lombardi's, patsy's and grimaldi's)
shayna and i went shopping but only to one place - uniqlo. the best place for japanese style basics. we both got much more than we needed but probably just as much as we wanted !
we went our separate ways since ben and i had a wedding to attend for the remainder of the night

and then monday morning, i went to work and shayna went to the airport. at the corner when i had to go east and shayna had to go west, we were about to say goodbye and i said, "this is when we cry" because many times when we say goodbye, we cry.
and i cried and then she cried. and then. i went east and she went west. literally.

thanks for coming sister. you were such a good date.


shayna said...

Best date, best date. Thanks for keeping track of everything we did. I just need you to follow me around everywhere and keep a journal. I love the "more than we needed but probably just as much as we wanted." I miss you so.

communikate. said...

I totally want to be your date. :)

kELLO! said...

your sister's blue dress! and your blue? purple? skirt!

take me to these places.

Linds said...

You're always good for a fun time. I love this story.