i love a good surprise

when your friend caroline turns 30... you take a bus to dc to celebrate with her! that's just what you do.

we went down to the dc for caroline's bday over the weekend. we (her friends, family, loved ones) all gathered at her parents' house and surprised caroline saturday night. i love a good surprise. and i loved being a part of all these people gathered to show their love for caroline. i said to my sister,
"it was amazing how many people were there. she really is such a great person... someone i would want to grow up to be just like."

i really do look up to caroline. she is one of the most caring, selfless, genuine, awesome people i know. not to mention she really helped pull me through my masters degree. those late night metro rides home together were the highlight!

so glad we could surprise you and celebrate with you, dear caroline.


caroline said...

you and ben were one of the best parts of that surprise. thank you so much for being some of my loved ones!

laden backpack said...

There is nothing like good friends who become so close they are almost like family. Happy Birthday Caroline and happy friend day Em and Ben.