that time we hiked timpanogos (a really big mountain)

my try at impressionism (about 5:45am)
break time
happy hikers
the prettiest hike ever?
yes... that's the trail to the summit (or is it the trial?)
the tooooop - 11,749 feet!emerald lake down belowboy on a big mountaincan you spot the mountain goats scaling the mountains? and the chipmunk? and the moose?
for a few years now, ben and i have been determined to hike mount timpanogos in utah - we've "tried" the last two summers we visited utah (it's best to hike it in the summer unless you want to hike in snow). but we couldn't find the time.
so this time. we decided we would take an extra day and devote it to mt timp. and it's a good thing we did reserve a whole day... because that's how long it took.

we got up at 3:45am on monday morning (and after some half-asleep negotiations with ben to get out of bed), we were on our way. driving up the mountain. parking nearish to the timpooneke trailhead.

let's fast forward.
when we finally made it back to the car after our 12 hour hike (what was expected to be around 7 hours)... ben said, "that was one of the hardest things i've ever done." i sort of burst into tears and said, "it was so hard!"

i'd like to think the difficulty level was so high for us in particular because we live at sea level. the timpooneke trail starts at 7,000 feet elevation and the summit is nearly 12,000 feet elevation. 15 miles round trip.

the way up was hard and took long (we took a lot of good breaks). we even had some fellow hikers try to discourage us at about 6am - saying they had seen a "large animal" with "big eyes" when really all it was was a buck. come on people!
and the hike was just so pretty. evidence is above.

leading up the day of the hike, we kept saying to each other we'd try our best and if we didn't make it to the top top top, we would be ok. at least we'd make an effort.
but we were in the pretty plateau and saw the ridge and thought, we'll just do the ridge. and then once we were up there... it was like... ok we're almost to the summit. let's do this thing.

it was worth it. we made it. hell yeah.

and then somehow getting back down the mountain took almost as long as it did to get up. it sort of just kept going. we ran out of liquids (some "good samaritans" shared some of their water) but our legs were jello. and our entire bodies and souls, so tired.

it's all sort of a blur now, but we made it back. we ate our large fatty meal of cafe rio. we waddled around. we took an ice bath (oh yes, we did). and we're still pretty sore today (4 days later).

would i recommend the hike to you?
yes but only if...
you live at a high elevation (or are totally acclimatized to one). you bring lots and lots of water, snacks, gatorade, sunscreen, stamina. you bring a supportive companion. you love the mountains and hiking.


laden backpack said...

Mountains are great as they represent a tangible symbol
Of a major accomplishment when you climb them. You start, you go to the top and you hike down. The rest of your life the mountain stands as on of your feats. You will always see it in a different light. Good job hikers! Nice camera views. All the sacrifice was worth the effort!

communikate. said...

Oh man, the elevation change is killer. When we moved from Phoenix to Jackson it about killed me just to climb the stairs. I got a bright idea to go on a really long bike ride with my SIL a few days after moving there. Not cute. I had to full on pull off to the side of the road and lie down for a good twenty minutes. Low point.

Anywho.. I'm proud of you guys! Hell yeah you did it! That's rad.

Brittany said...

I like your impressionism! And seriously, that hike is a beaut, but so killer. The last time I did it was my senior year of high school, and I remember just wanting to sob once I was in the car again. So much accomplishment and pain haha. Beautiful photos as always.

kELLO! said...

you guys are so awesome.
the views are gorgeous!
we would love to do something like this.
that trail to the summit is crazy!
we were sort of addicted to watching everest documentarys on netflix. so we're experts pretty much. ha!
and as always, love the photos.

EunnieProctor said...

So awesome you did this! I would not have made it to the top. What beautiful scenery.

sienna said...

hooray! i remember that feeling of being totally exhausted after timp. next time I am hiking it in the day and during wildflower season. so beautiful!

shayna said...

This was inspiring. Now you know why Eric takes all the boys from his ranch on hard hikes, because they exclaim, "this is one of the hardest things I've ever done." They then are empowered to take life by the horns. I'm so glad you did it. I knew you would, no doubt in my mind. Plus, you look really pretty while hiking. Good look for you.

his little lady said...

how beautiful! these images are just stunning!
xo TJ