the wedding of jeffy

happy couple married at the mormon lds temple in logan, utah.
groomsman brandon, groom jeffy, groomsman ben
smiley heidi // the quintessential jeffy face
mmm cake
come hell or high water we were able to make it to the wedding of jeffy this past weekend.

basically what went down was we originally bought our tickets to fly to utah, come to find out there has been a slight miscommunication as to when the wedding ceremony would be. then by some miracle we were able to change our flight without a fee (those pesky fees). and then came the day we were to fly out (thursday night) and our flight was delayed, delayed then cancelled. a cancelled flight is a billion times worse than a delay.
we stayed overnight in the classiest place in jersey - newark (and if i can help it, i'll never fly out of newark again!). then flight the next morning, cutting it awfully close, but we did in fact make it to the ceremony and wedding reception party of jeffy.

jeffy (aka jeff) is our friend from college. one would say a close-breast-friend type.
ben and jeff were roomies/housemates at one point, as well as great friends. and jeffy and i were just inseparable. we did a lot of after school hanging out and we (jeffy + i) both attended uvsc together before we both transferred to byu. we had institute class together. oh man the memories. jeffy is just full of goof, fun and happiness.

and i am oh so happy for jeffy.
and heidi, the new wifey of jeffy.

i know they will be great together. and to be honest, i haven't felt that happy for someone in a long time.

jeffy, we love you long time.


laden backpack said...

Love the crazy wedding cake. Lots of color
Handsome couple. Nice hinge point in life . Good
Blog, thanks

Jo(ke) said...

Their cakes look absolutely amazing!

Rhianne said...

what amazing cakes and I love the bunting too, it looks lovely, I love your skirt matching Ben's bow tie too :)

Anna said...

they have the most fun wedding cakes EVER! and i am totally copying her veil when i make mine :)

laden backpack said...

I want to get into the bowtie thing. It is great

caroline said...

I love the white shirt green skirt thing you have going on here!

shayna said...

I love feeling soooo happy when someone gets married. Like you just might burst.

EunnieProctor said...

Love the cakes as well! You guys looked great and glad you made it!