holy nuggets

a little rainy day project turned mobile // ben mr. fashionisto (at fashion week) // i heart nyc
out at a thai restaurant // a plant wall (no big deal) // chelsea market // my mom
fall mets game // thank you cupcakes

holy nuggets. i am tired. it was so nice to have my parents in town. but remember how we have had a ton of visitors very recently and even though i love every last one of them... i am just worn out.
don't get me wrong. i feel so lucky to be able to host so many great people and to try/do/eat at least one new thing with each person who comes to stay. it keeps things exciting.

other recent happenings. 
blogger decided to switch to the new blogger and there is no going back. i guess i'll have to adjust.

last weekend (err the weekend before) we saw madonna live (for freeeee). this was after it had rained all day and was still raining when we got to yankee stadium to see her perform. even though i was little bummed she didn't play more of her old stuff (still, she sang some good ones) - she sure can rock! she is not as young as she used to be but she still masters the stage. she was singing and dancing and performing all around the in the rain no less. in stilettos too. nbd (no big deal).

we went to a nice fallautumn mets baseball game last night with some friends. why do we keep getting together with people we-keep-meaning-to-get-together-with who are planning to move in the relatively near future? i feel like everyone is leaving! but not really. i just hate goodbyes.

i got some thank you cupcakes from some nice nice coworkers. it sure feels nice to be thanked/rewarded in sugary bombs of goodness and frosting.

and other than that...
i have come to the conclusion that having a clean apartment is one of the very best things in life.
i am so grateful for my job.
it's so cute how giddy ben is about attending law school. especially a school so cool as fordham.
do you know that song call me maybe? would you like to sing it in a choir? see here.
i love bow ties. and i love when people love each other and want to get married. i love this guy from modern family too.
i'm done.



my sweet harlem.

my cute parentals have been here visiting the past few days. true to form, they have successfully attended 3 broadway shows (that's where i get it from) and explored the city from uptown to downtown and even added a somewhat accidental walk over the brooklyn bridge.

we found not 1 but 2 plant walls in an indoor public space near ben's school/lincoln center. coolest ever.

we were able to see jersey boys on saturday night. after some not-to-mention-totally-incredible thai food at pure thai cookhouse. confirmed the fact that we need to go back to thailand. BUT jersey boys was incredible. so much talent - all about the four seasons singing group - you know, the guys who sang, "earth angel", "you're just too good to be true", "walk like a man", "sherry, sherry baby", et cetera. loved it. it was so jersey too. lots of swears and curses and rad jersey accents :)

we visited the garden. hiked to the top of our local park (it's a huge solid rock).

on monday ben had class late so the parents and i had dinner in chelsea at westville, then 16 handles for frozen yogurt and a walk through chelsea market. i love little peaceful weeknight dates like that. it was fun to talk to my parents at dinner about how i'm their favorite child.

and other than that. we've just had a lot of fun. love you, parents.


you better be you and do what you can do

jcrew // sugar + plumm // ice cream sandwiches with caroline // washington square park at night
pretty sister // brooklyn bridge // colorful water tower // seesters shopping
pretty apartment building // ben going back to school // red rooster // sweet potato doughnuts
shaved ice in the city! // ben's pretty school // sushi pizza // benny boo

i'm a little behind on the instagram photos... the photos that tell more about my everyday life than others.

sushi pizza isn't what you think or what i thought, which was rolls of sushi on a traditional pizza - it's like a crispy rice cracker crust with fish (salmon or tuna) and then those nifty little eggies. looove it. such a great little discovery.
and the city - this city that i love - does have good shaved ice! and it's delicious.

we took it easy over the weekend - meaning we went to a baseball game, trekked to brooklyn for church (to visit friends), ran errands and met friends for dinner. so that does seem like a busy weekend but somehow we got some relaxin' time. and studying time. the studying was all done by ben. i'm like sooo over studying *wink*

meanwhile we are jumping back into another busy week, greeted by rain and heavy work and school. in the craziness, i really look forward to the quiet moments that there are no phones going off, no sirens outside, no tv, no huge law school books, no emails...
just quiet in our sanctuary-like apartment in the city.