my sweet harlem.

my cute parentals have been here visiting the past few days. true to form, they have successfully attended 3 broadway shows (that's where i get it from) and explored the city from uptown to downtown and even added a somewhat accidental walk over the brooklyn bridge.

we found not 1 but 2 plant walls in an indoor public space near ben's school/lincoln center. coolest ever.

we were able to see jersey boys on saturday night. after some not-to-mention-totally-incredible thai food at pure thai cookhouse. confirmed the fact that we need to go back to thailand. BUT jersey boys was incredible. so much talent - all about the four seasons singing group - you know, the guys who sang, "earth angel", "you're just too good to be true", "walk like a man", "sherry, sherry baby", et cetera. loved it. it was so jersey too. lots of swears and curses and rad jersey accents :)

we visited the garden. hiked to the top of our local park (it's a huge solid rock).

on monday ben had class late so the parents and i had dinner in chelsea at westville, then 16 handles for frozen yogurt and a walk through chelsea market. i love little peaceful weeknight dates like that. it was fun to talk to my parents at dinner about how i'm their favorite child.

and other than that. we've just had a lot of fun. love you, parents.


shayna said...

Can you photoshop my face coming out of that plant wall?

Peggy said...

This parental had a wonderful time with the beautiful emily in NYC. Thanks for a glorious time.