you better be you and do what you can do

jcrew // sugar + plumm // ice cream sandwiches with caroline // washington square park at night
pretty sister // brooklyn bridge // colorful water tower // seesters shopping
pretty apartment building // ben going back to school // red rooster // sweet potato doughnuts
shaved ice in the city! // ben's pretty school // sushi pizza // benny boo

i'm a little behind on the instagram photos... the photos that tell more about my everyday life than others.

sushi pizza isn't what you think or what i thought, which was rolls of sushi on a traditional pizza - it's like a crispy rice cracker crust with fish (salmon or tuna) and then those nifty little eggies. looove it. such a great little discovery.
and the city - this city that i love - does have good shaved ice! and it's delicious.

we took it easy over the weekend - meaning we went to a baseball game, trekked to brooklyn for church (to visit friends), ran errands and met friends for dinner. so that does seem like a busy weekend but somehow we got some relaxin' time. and studying time. the studying was all done by ben. i'm like sooo over studying *wink*

meanwhile we are jumping back into another busy week, greeted by rain and heavy work and school. in the craziness, i really look forward to the quiet moments that there are no phones going off, no sirens outside, no tv, no huge law school books, no emails...
just quiet in our sanctuary-like apartment in the city.


shayna said...

I really love hiding in my apartment with Eric...isn't it fun? Now every time I see that picture of us in Uniqlo I think of Paul's random FB comment. What was that?

communikate. said...

you had me at sweet potato donuts.

kELLO! said...

sounds like a great weekend.
shaved ice is awesome.
and sushi pizza? i'm not sure i'm a fan. but i'll try it.

Linds said...

Your pictures are so colorful.

kELLO! said...

i've been waiting a while for another post. i keep checking in.


Brittany said...

That umbrella! And I love your instas of the city--my friend and I are visiting NYC in October and of course I'm using your blog for tips. You and Ben are such great guides :)

Peggy said...

I love all the circles and swirl repeats and uniglo and yin and yang swirl pizza. Great job!