columbus with a macaroon

love grows in harlem // metropolitan opera
happy lady // pop up farmers market
spontaneous date // hand knit slippers 

i can't say it enough... but i love this city of new york. especially in the fall. for some reason it just seems calmer and more welcoming. probably because there are less tourists and the heat isn't getting to me.

we went and saw the rad columbus statue art installation at columbus circle. tatzu nishi created an entire living room around the high statue of columbus. really awesome. and then maybe we got a large caramel macaroon to share at bouchon bakery. so. good.

we were lucky enough to be gifted tickets to the metropolitan opera.we saw turandot (which turns out we saw in dc at the kennedy center, also gifted tickets). let me tell you, i never thought i'd love opera - more like, i thought i'd love to make fun of it. but it's so beautiful and powerful and the met is enormous and the set - incredible. so incredible that one of the two intermissions was 50 minutes long - so the set could be changed entirely. i love opera.

the shows we've seen lately:
annie - it's back! the felt like the cast was so perfect for their roles. and such a difficult show to pull off - with lots of children and a dog! leaping lizards. you have to go see it. in fact, i'll go see it with you.
grace - a play about an overzealous christian pushing his beliefs on others and how his world and the others around him completely change. oh, and paul rudd is in it.
if there is i haven't found it yet - i still can't decide if this play is on or off broadway... no matter, it's all about serious issues many of us face - bullying, marriage struggles, body image, self confidence. all of it. not to mention jake gyllenhall did a great job as a british washed up uncle. ha.

after ben's baseball team lost to another baseball team on friday, we had a spontaneous s'mac date, the kind where you go order s'mac, wait for about 40 minutes because the kitchen is small and understaffed. and then i showed ben a dress that i've been wanting for a while and it's on sale! so then ben let me buy it right there on my phone. because he's the nicest guy i know.

we joined a csa - community supported agriculture. where you pay for a share and a local farmer provides veggies and fruits once a week. i like it so far, it's made us more adventurous with our cooking - like using poblano peppers, purple carrots and mustard greens.
i have words to say about the community garden we are a part of. more on that, later.

there are a few farmers markets in harlem but a pop up farmers market came last week - in the prettiest little spot in harlem. there was live jazz, local restaurants selling little bits of food and of course, food from local farmers. i hope it stays.


Linds said...

That Harlem sign makes me happy. Fall is in Logan but not Vegas. I turned on my ac yesterday. I'm so confused.

Purple carrots sound so adventurous!

The Proctor Group said...

Love your slippers! Did somebody make them for you?

Peggy said...

Oh, that's CSA. Yes, I need to sign up for that.
The slippers! Did you really make them? They are so cute! and warm?

Peggy said...

I want to go to an opera some day. The End