even after sandy.

photos are from the nytimes.

new york city is lively today - even after sandy... the hurricane. i feel so lucky that ben + i live uptown - where there was no flooding and few power outages... and we are on higher ground.

lower manhattan, parts of brooklyn and queens which are on the coast, new jersey... and numerous other places (especially those directly at sea level) saw so much damage from the storm. flooding, power out, trees falling, houses ruined, et cetera.

it's amazing that there was very little rain but because of the water swells - the flooding came.

ben and i were home from sunday afternoon to tuesday afternoon. i worked from home and ben's classes were cancelled. today i am back at work and ben's at home until classes resume probably tomorrow. this morning i took a bus to work - thank heavens the buses are running now. some very limited subways should be back tomorrow... but full service won't be back for weeks, maybe even months (i will never take advantage of the subway again...).
the subway has never had to shut down like this before... not in its 108 year history. 

i feel so emotional about the whole thing.
especially for those lost so much, for those who work an hourly wage and are unable to get to work, for those commuting from one borough to the other and can't, for those who lost loved ones and homes. please keep these people in your hearts. and if you pray, please pray for them.

you can donate to the red cross here.


laden backpack said...

Water is life, death and destruction. Hard to believe such a part of our lives can wear so many hats. We have thought about you and the others and have prayed all week that people would be kept from harms way. Glad things are slowly moving again,appreciate your personal up date.

shayna said...

I am praying for everyone. I feel so sad for so much loss for so many people. I am happy you and Ben are safe. I really love you two.

Brittany said...

I'm glad you and Ben are safe! I've been thinking so much about the people I love in the city, and also about the people I don't know. I'm so sad for the entire city--and oddly emotional about it all too, perhaps because I just re-fell in love with NYC all over again. Stay safe! And dry! Praying for you.

Peggy said...

Sage words, laden backpack. Did Ben go back to school today? I haven't listened to or viewed much of what has been going on back there, but I have felt unusually emotional the last couple of days and it is probably due to all the voices crying out in the east. Our prayers continue.

EunnieProctor said...

I'm glad you guys are okay as well. My sister still doesn't have power and is staying with a friend that does. Crazy stuff.