just a hop down to north carolina to meet our nephew

i love holding new babies. they are so sweet. and sleepy. and poopy.

at the end of september, we spent the weekend in north carolina - durham to meet our new nephew. ben's brother and wife had this cute little guy in august.

teddy. well, theodore. but we (everyone) just call him teddy. he's one of those babies that doesn't cry so much and is pretty mellow. and then i think, i could do this.

that thought lasts for about a second. and for that reason, i collect nieces and nephews. i'm up to 12 now. proudest aunt there is. i love buying tiny clothes for them. 

p.s. you love that grey sweater teddy has? ben's sister knit it. the whole thing. i want one (hint hint, katie).


shayna said...

Seriously? Knit that sweater? Can she make me one in, about, fifty different shades of grey? Really pretty baby. I forgot to ask how Hilary is doing. How's she doing?

nomadic gnome said...

you look good holding that little baby, miss! ;)

he reminds me of baby henry, which just makes me weepy.

also you are killin it in that orla scarf!

laden backpack said...

Cute baby. Nice shots of
The aunt and uncle. Keep

sienna said...

congrats to dan and hilary on baby Teddy. (I love that name!) How fun that you got to see them. you'll be a great mom when the time is right, until then you are an awesome aunt! I miss being able to give my nieces and nephews a lot of attention, since when we all get together, I'm usually too busy with my own kids to play with them. enjoy it!

Katie said...

Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for likeing my knitting! I think the grey would look awesome on you.

Peggy said...

You've got to get one of those--and I don't mean the sweater. Teddie is adorable [so is the sweater] We'll take one of each, please. You do looke nice holding T.M., so does Ben.

Miss Bear said...

Um, you were so close to us!! Wish we could have seen you..next time you are here, let us know!
I think I will place an order for 2 of those sweaters for my boys please!! SO darling (but the baby is cuter!!)


Linds said...

Seriously Katie-you rocked it.

Babies are the best. And you two always are so sweet with them. Can you be my auntie?

The Proctor Group said...

He is so cute! The sweater is so cute too! You guys have this Aunt and Uncle thing down.