mainely bar harbor + portland

portland head light. so maine. so pretty.

we spent the weekend in maine. thank you jetblue fare sale. thank you thank you. on friday afternoon we flew to portland, rented a car, ate lobster and maybe some ice cream and then drove the coastal route to bar harbor.

i loved both these towns mostly because they are so typically what i thought maine would be. quiet. small. little shops. lobster at every restaurant. and nice people. say what?! really. nice. people.

i want to go back to maine again and again. mostly in the fall, though. maybe the summer too.

highlights include:
guy who brought his own hot sauce to breakfast
ben and the devil alarm clock (the alarm clock went off early saturday morning in our hotel room to really loud static on the radio - so ben showed that clock who was boss)
the portland jetport (not airport)
we asked if there was an upgrade for our rental car and the guy said we had already been upgraded, twice
we dragged main. in maine.
the lobster statue outside an ice cream place.
ice cream.
the piano player at the bar harbor inn - pretty music
cool bridge on the drive (pictured above)
it was awesome having a car! a car! to put your stuff in! cool!
one place we ate was closing for the season so we got everything 50% off. yes please.
most people who work at seasonal places have a 2nd job
i was playing with my whole lobster at dinner and embarrassing ben
all the houses along the water... how could you get sick of living there?

where we ate:
-fisherman's grill (HUGE lobster rolls, nice people)
-beal's ice cream (black raspberry ice cream, also has cheap lobster rolls)
-maple's gelato (really creamy and good, but actually in yarmouth)
bar harbor
-bar harbor inn (lobster bisque, we were in the lounge)
-ben and bill's ice cream (lobster ice cream. oh yes, it's true. sounds gross but everyone has to try it once. it's like a buttery ice cream with bits of lobster in it!)
-cafe this way (blueberry pancakes, tea, eggs benedict with lobster - amazing food)
-west street cafe (whole lobsters and blueberry pie)
-mount desert island ice cream (awesome flavors, seasonal stuff, lots of options)
-jordan's (blueberry pancakes. oh yesss)
on the road
-chez michel (50% off...yes!)

i guess we ate a lot.


communikate. said...

I can't even handle how pretty this all!! One of these years I'm doing a Maine and PEI trip with my SIL who is from there. One of these days.... :)

shayna said...

You did it all...Nice work. You managed to eat ice cream for every meal, right?

Linda M. said...

Thank you for the pretty pictures and fun stories. You enable me to live your weekend with you a little.

Kristen said...

I love ice cream and the guy with his own Tobasco rocks! I want to go!

laden backpack said...

All right nice shots and good emphasis on the important things in life like phat and sugar. This is a dreamy place, like an old movie that invites your imagination to linger and enjoy. Don't get in a big hurry in a place like this. Thanks for living it for us. Good choice

The Proctor Group said...

I love that you play with your lobster:) The food looks amazing! I love that you guys appreciate good food. I do too.

Peggy said...

What is Maine without lobster and lighthouses? Beautiful. But lobster ice cream? Humm? I love your trip.
e t
e t !!!!!!!!!