my fancy brother

my brother, brandon and his wife, edee came to nyc over the weekend to have a romantic time. and to eat and hang out.

free moma friday.
ate at the modern - the restaurant at the moma. it's like a food extravaganza - everything brandon tasted was "stupid good." apparently, that is like really good.

we  had an early night because in the morning, edee and i did a crazy thing and waited in line to get tickets to a show. we ate cambodian sandwiches in bryant park (i love those sandwiches). saw our matinee. hung at a fancy hotel. ate a really derricious indian meal in tribeca (i need to spend more time in tribeca).
we walked from tribeca up to chelsea (just a couple miles) to the upright citizens brigade comedy club - it's all improv and it's the place that amy poehler started. it was fun. improv is so impressive. i want to gooo back.

we also saw the world trade center memorial (my 3rd time) and visited lincoln center - because it's awesome and because ben had a school thing for family (me). and then we said goodbye. and it was sad. and i cried. actually i didn't. but i felt like crying.

playing in the city is best with the people that i love most.

p.s. my brother is fancy. so i tried to say that as many times as i could when he was here. 


shayna said...

Oh goodness. He is so fancy. I can't stop saying fancy. Fancy, fancy, like stupid fancy.

laden backpack said...

You guys are out of control Brandon is amazing and
He receives unlimited support from his beautiful, charming wife. No question seeing the city with ones u love is the greatest.. I want to come in the winter when being outside is an expedition. Nice shot of Brandon Edee and Em.

Brittany said...

Sounds like your weekend was fabulous too. I already said it, but I'll say it again--thanks so much for all of your suggestions. My friends and I had the best time. I hope to email you later this week!

The Proctor Group said...

How fun! I'm glad they got to go out there. It sounds like you showed them a good time. I love improv too. I hope to be funny some day.

Peggy said...

I really love the pic of brandon and ben as kids- ben in the low chair and brandon in the high chair, dangling their feet.
What does tribeca mean again? three something.
well, i got to stay with the beautiful children of the fancy pants.