the garden.

my community garden.

i think i've concluded that i am much more in love with the idea of a community garden than the actual reality of a community garden. i mean, don't get me wrong. it's great. it's such a little haven the garden where we have a little plot uptown. but it's also complicated.

at first, i was super excited and nervous and wasn't sure how or what to plant. and i would go to the community meetings and spend weekend mornings weeding and trying to make the plot happy. but then
i realized, it's hard to keep a garden - when it's in your backyard, let alone down the street behind a locked gate. time. i don't have a lot of it. and we don't have a direct water source - only rain barrels so during the heat waves... well the cucumbers died.

not to mention there has been all kinds of drama with our garden because it's half owned by the city, half owned by someone else now. so for about half of the summer, the garden was unlocked (after the previous locks had been broken by someone) because of the complication of ownership.
and then someone(s) was living in the garden... adding other details i'd rather not get into.

let's just say, my community garden experience has been less than ideal and i may prefer a csa share in order to support local, organic produce over trying to grow my own.

i think if you don't have to worry about certain above dramas, i recommend becoming part of a community garden. it's not all bad, i swear. just had to get it off my chest.


shayna said...


carla thorup said...

i commend you for giving it a go, and i absolutely love that picture of you. it's stunning.

Linds said...

People living in the garden? It almost sounds magical until you realize that it's not. Eek.

So do you think you'll garden it up again next year? One of my 2013 goals is to have a dinner made up from only our garden. {it works in my head :)}

laden backpack said...

I have been there and seen it. Pray for rain and wait
for a better summer. The meal from the garden that
Linds talked about is a great idea and a noble goal.
Put a scare crow in the garden to keep the vagrants out,
I will come and help weed it for you.

Kristen said...

CSA all the way... It is all in the immured details !

The Proctor Group said...

Sorry your experience hasn't been so great. The idea of a community garden sounds dreamy. Hopefully, you find something that works better for you next year. There is nothing like fresh produce.

Peggy said...

What is CSA. I loved your garden, but there are so many complications to fresh produce.