our tiny thanksgiving

this year for thanksgiving, we decided it would be better to stay in nyc - utah is much too far for a weekend like this one. i must admit, when i left work late on wednesday, i saw all the people lining up to get on their crowded trains to go up north and i didn't feel jealous. i was going home to my apartment, to be with my favorite person.

i am thankful for my best friend/husband/buddy. i am thankful for food and that i am blessed enough to have it in my home, everyday. i am thankful for abilities and talents that i sometimes take for granted. i am thankful for relationships - even though they are sometimes such a struggle.

so for thanksgiving we cooked a bunch of food together - just us. which we both loved but maybe would have opted out of doing the dishes if we could have. so many people we talked to seemed concerned we were spending the holiday alone, just us - but frankly, i didn't want it any other way this year.
we made pumpkin cheesecake (highest priority), stuffing, mashed potatoes, a small pomegranate and orange salad and a turkey (with gravy). i must say, i was going to be ok without a turkey but ben insisted. and did a really great job making it happen. best turkey we've ever had. and i'm not just making that up because ben is such a cool guy.

we'll be eating leftovers for a couple of weeks.


shayna said...

Turkey for life!!! I still wish I could have crashed your party.

Linda M. said...

That looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.

EunnieProctor said...

Looks like a really nice dinner. Wished I could have had some of that pumpkin cheesecake.

Peggy said...

MMMM good. What a great dinner! I'm glad Ben knows how to do turkey and you can do pumpkin cheesecake. The orange and pomegranate look fun!

I love the photo with your reflection. Where was it taken that has a brick wall like in your house.

Cousin Jared's dau. Addie is leaving on a mission in January so her mom felt like she had to teach her this year to make all of the Thanksgiving foods including Uncle Marion's, Chess pie.

I loved your thankfulness list. I am so thankful for you.

Linds said...

I love leftovers. And I too wish I could've had some of your cheesecake. Yum.