an island in the sun

we were super lucky and got to spend our long weekend in the sun. even though ben was only halfway through finals - we just blew it off (jk, he studied on the beach).

and we went and partied, relaxed, partied (dance party), got massages, relaxed, partied, relaxed with all the great people that i work with and their families. i totally won the lottery with a great job and really excellent coworkers.

i can't thank geography enough that the caribbean (specifically grand cayman) is such a close plane ride from nyc. i love nyc but i also really have a thing for sunshine and sand and the caribbean sea in december. 


Linda M. said...

Those are pretty nice Christmas trees! Santa found you guys early this year.

shayna said...

The sun is a blessed thing in December. I glow in the dark right now.

Linds said...

That blue, green, teal, lovely bluegreen ocean is calling my name.