christmas tea is the best tea

merry christmas!

we are in utah right now - far away from our blessed nyc home...but i must say it's nice to be removed for just a short while. to get some peace and quiet, to sleep a little, to see family and of course enjoy the mountains!

on saturday we went to the grand america hotel for their christmas tea service. very delicious and very fun. our nephew, zach got to sing jingle bells with a nice couple dressed as santa and mrs!

i love tea. so christmas tea is definitely the best tea.


shayna said...

I love this tradition of yours. I love any occasion where one can dress up. I think this is an especially good picture of you and Ben. You have great skin.

Linda M. said...

Wait. That wasn't really Santa Claus?

communikate. said...

I love how last year you guys were like "How quick can we get back to the East coast." Someday we'll convince you the West is Best, but I'm glad you're enjoying your stay for now! Bummed your not in the south part of the state though!

Linds said...

What kind of tea did you get?

I was Mrs. Clause's wrap.

kELLO! said...

glad you had a nice holiday get away.
you guys are babes.

Jessica Brown said...

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