to have a friend

over the weekend, lindsay come to visit.

we have been friends for so long that i don't even remember what it was like to not be friends with her. linny left her cute family behind for the weekend and came to play in the city.

we were able to visit some of the best museums, MoMA and guggenheim (i guess it's cool to call it the goog). we ate pizza, burgers, curried rice, smoothies (at home), really big cookies, thai food and frozen yogurt. we saw the famous rock.e.feller. tree.

we saw once...you've heard of it right? that musical? that i've seen 4 times? yeah, that one. one of my favorite quotes from the show is, "love's all very well, but in the hands of people it turns into soup." then one guy asked another if he's married, "yes." "still in love?" "yeah." "fair play man...good soup."

we also got our nails did. linny's first manicure! 

and upright citizens brigade. that great improv comedy place. we went to the assscat 3000 show on sunday evening (the 7:30, $10 one) - because it's the best and something about a ninja with bad gas and someone getting pulled over for singing katy perry too loud in arlington, va.
so. funny. we laughed our guts out. 

and we got to take a sunday nap. oh bliss.

but what i wanted to say is i am grateful for friends. and grateful for linny. to have a friend - that knows me, that knows the back story, that knows that i am still middle school emily, high school emily, spanish class and yearbook emily, college emily-insecurities and all, top-bunk emily...and just that it's ok that even though i've grown up and moved away and i have strong opinions on feminism and social issues and church and life --- we understand each other. 


carla thorup said...

i really really really want to come visit you. i'll try to work it in the budget because hot damn i think we'd get along swimmingly (and you'd be the best host.)

lindsay is great, she can come too!

shayna said...

First manicure?! Goodness, she needs to visit more. I'm glad you have Lindsay and I'm glad she has you.

Linds said...

I love you more than BP DP. I keep daydreaming that I'm walking around with you in your big city. I can't wait to see your face again.

Peggy said...

So fun. Randy told me that Lins was out there and I had darling Donovan in the nursery at church Sunday. He is so adorable. So D and I had fun eating crackers and raisins and more and more water-- and he talks so cute and took care of the baby dolls in nursery [missing baby Charley, I guess]

Linds said...

I love you.

And I hear Peggy is the best nursery lady in StJ.