recent food of note

crif dogs
i kind like the idea of crif more than the actual place. the man at the register was rad. the kind of person you just want to talk to because they are fun. and all the signs and clever additions that added to the idea and motif of crif. the dogs were dogs. many bacon-wrapped (hence the temptation to try).
i think the coolest part of crif is the adjoining bar - please don't tell. that's the name of the bar. you have to enter the bar from crif- through a telephone booth. if you want to go, make a reservation at 3pm on the day you plan to go. sometime i want to go inside- just for fun, instead of peaking in through the phonebooth as it opens to let in patrons.
east village.
$20ish for two people.

city bakery
the hot chocolate. oh the hot chocolate. and it's worth it to buy the house-made marshmallow for an extra dollar.
pastries- the bacon maple scone, the bakery pull-apart. if you have a thing for pretzels, get the pretzel croissant.
union square (18th and 5th ave)
$12-$15, two people.

pommes frites
they specialize in belgian style fries. even the small size is a meal in itself. the mango chutney dipping sauce is incredible.
east village.

this one is famous so good luck on getting a table. well at least on the weekends for brunch. their mac 'n' cheese is to die for (get the mac attack) and they also have amazing desserts. including one that is like a giant reese's peanut butter cup, in luxury form.
in chelsea. plates are $12-$18.

hampton chutney co.
southern indian cuisine. which is really great+rare because not many places in the u.s. that i have found do southern indian. we both got dosas which are like really large crepes with your choice of fillings, like curried chicken or portabello mushrooms + goat cheese. plus a choice of chutney. we each got mango that was not so sweet, but savory and a really perfect pairing.
locations in soho, upper west side and the hamptons. good prices - $8-$15.


i wore a bow tie last week.

i've been wearing bow ties lately... // new new york subway water bottlegrand central apple store // tiny baby shoe lost outside our apartment
pretty harlem street, on our walk to church // cute harlem art

i wore a bow tie to work. my second time in the last month.
i love it when ben wears bow ties, but i love that he has a variety of them so i can wear his...

was my birthday. we played + ate here.

we just tried to recover for all the fun and food on from wednesday (see above).

we met at the grand cental apple store because our computer is being silly. and i just love the gc apple store. it's on the upper terrace - all open. and it's huge. and just a really cool idea for an apple store.
when we got home we noticed a tiny lost baby shoe. sooo sad. regardless, we are lucky we see kids once in a while in harlem. there aren't a lot of kids about in manhattan...

we sauntered around soho, shopped and ate great food. we got the new york subway water bottle at the new rei soho.
we also rearranged some furniture around our apartment. i think i like the slightly different set up more.

church. sunday nap (happy).
and lots of other projects around the apartment. i like getting things done. i also got to talk to some great people on the phone. love.


gramercy tavern

gramercy park
i want to live here
ginger virgin mojito --- incredible!
four desserts
real shiny face
springy yellow
yes, the bathroom was beautiful
the outside // and my beautiful man

on my birthday last week, we ate at gramercy tavern for lunch/dinner. i left work for the afternoon and ben ditched class and met me...

some nyc restaurants (or maybe just danny meyer restaurants) have specialty non-alchoholic drinks which makes me happy because water+soda are sort of boring sometimes. my ginger mojito concoction was so delicious. love love love.
we ate from the a la carte menu. yumm.

me - kabocha squash + endive salad, spicy maple dressing
ben - smoked trout, cipollini puree + pickled onions

me - braised lamb, barley + dandelion greens
ben - flat iron steak, parsnips, treviso + beef cannelloni

me - sorbets, black currant, roasted pineapple + mango lime
ben - fudge brownie sundae, salted cashew ice cream
complimentary little chocolates, macaroons, and tarts
complimentary birthday warm chocolate bread pudding, cacao nib ice cream

so we ended up eating four desserts. i mean... it was my birthday. so that's really what i wanted.

i loved eating there... everything was so well put together and the service was great.

and who wouldn't want to take a wednesday afternoon and just eat to their heart's content?


my birthday

it was misty outside and i was bummed. not everything can be perfect on your birthday.
i went to work. ben went to school.

i left work at 1pm and felt liberated and excited to be leaving work in the afternoon on a wednesday.
and the weather had cleared up. (!!!)
i met ben just outside gramercy park. what a beautiful park it is. and the neighborhood? we found a house we want to live in. i mean from the looks of the outside, that is.
we ate at gramercy tavern. full report on that later. best.lunch.ever. SO GOOD. so full.
walked around the area and wandered in and out of shops.

subway to times square to get tickets to a show.
got tickets to porgy + bess.
went home for an hour to recover. was worth it!
saw porgy + bess and were blown away. audra mcdonald is like uh-maze-ing. i highly recommend.
ate a little dinner/snack after the show. heheheeee.
walked home from subway on the "quiet" street. it was all foggy and beautiful and quiet so we hugged and kissed in the street. i loved it.
didn't get home until midnight.

so tired today.

all i wanted from ben for my birthday was to be with him, eat with him and see a show together. and i got all those things! it was perfect in its own way.

i was so overwhelmed and felt so loved by how many people wished me a happy birthday. i wish more days were like my birthday. can we spread the love around a little more? ha. thanks.


i'm 26 years old ... and all of a sudden i'm in my "twenties"

we used to joke how beaver, utah is the 42nd most patriotic town in utah... because of this lovely sign at a rest stop. (beaver in a tiny town in southwest-ish utah. the main hot spot is wendy's.)
photo taken on my first trip ever with ben. we drove from northern utah to southern california to see my bro, wife and then new baby. and to play because that is what so-cal is for.

i think i'm getting wiser but i am catching on to the fact that i am getting old.


it's funny that i thought i'd want certain things by now. or the my idea of my life way back when is so different than what it is now.

i am twenty-six... and...

i love my husband. i am so lucky to be with him. i love that we took that road-trip to southern cal in 2007 and fell in love for the 87th time (currently, we are falling in love for the 790th time).
i live in new york, the city of. i feel excited, everyday, to live here. excited and tired because i am always doing so much.
i feel blessed for these things. for an education: one that has changed and shaped my life so differently, forever and for the better.
i feel blessed for a job. but also great coworkers and the ability to support myself and my favorite person.
i love to travel and eat. if you know anything about me, you know that my top three favorites are the husband, travel and food. and luckily all of those go together really well.
and luckily we are going on a travel adventure in less than two weeks.

in the past, it's been tradition in my family to have each family member say what they like about the birthday person, why they are thankful for them.
but i just wanted to say i am thankful to be alive.
and i am happy with life.

and i am glad spring came early, even though i like to think that
the first day of spring is march 21.
my birthday.


prelude to birthday week

more dry cleaning to be dropped off. we then went to get a shamrock shake because after all, it's seasonal and neither one of us had ever had one. and probably will never have one again. at least from mcd's. (there are quite a few homemade shamrock shake recipes, one here.)

got a delicious beverage and walked around the 'hood. photo of ben taken on that walk. i am loving this whole spring-in-march-in-new-york-city thing.

my cute office-of-peeps threw a happy hour for me and another newbie. i really like the people i work with. and unlimited shirley temples.

we walked to costco + target (hot date!!). it's pretty much the only time we can go and only time i want to go. no way am i braving costco + target on the weekend (madhouse).

i cleaned (spring cleaning!), he studied. we decided we should probably just go see a broadway, as a prelude to my birthday week. haaaa. we're obsessed.
we saw alan rickman in the play, seminar. it was RAD. really hit home for me... reminded me of academia and writing a thesis. woah.

ben taught sunday school and had everyone participating and laughing. my friend took me out for my birthday and we basked in the beautiful weather. ben went to this serious fantasy baseball draft (nerd) and so i hung with another friend- since it was all the way in brooklyn. oh joy.
i am grateful for friends.
but more grateful for ben.


goodbye winter [video included]

music by oren lavie :: her morning elegance

a little video to say goodbye to winter.

clips of our city of new york, some clips of cape cod thanksgiving, some clips of utah christmas, some clips of [most] of our favorite little kiddies in our lives, and
just being silly.



the things...

take-out tacos y taxes // goodbye winter saladcentral park on sunday (gorgeous) // free postcards (love)
more beautiful central park // my funny socks on my commute (gotta keep my feet warm)

the things...i remember from last week.

i realize that i don't remember everything from my week. i know on weekdays i go to work and ben goes to school, we come home and probably eat dinner and hang a little- but i guess those days are the more routine days that are hard to distinguish.
i obviously treasure those times. it's good to regroup especially when we feel so busy all the time. but that is city life. or just life.

we ordered take-out tacos (and churros) because we did our taxes. and it's a good thing because it was the highlight of the 5 hour tax adventure. last year i had 4 employers (don't ask), went to school and ben had 1 employer and went to school. not to mention we lived in dc half the year and then moved to ny.
next year... i look forward to having 1 employer and living in one place.

i attended a community meeting for our community garden. the community is still playing with my emotions- still not sure if i have a gardening plot. don't tease me!

date night. walked all around. we may have repeated a date we had a couple weeks ago (we ate only 2 dinners instead of 3).

we took our bottles and cans to get the deposit. SO not worth it. but a fascinating experience.
we then had some peeps over for dinner (made quinoa mac + cheese) and watched the premier of game change. yeah, we're nerds like that. (if that campaign fascinates you in the least, i recommend the film.)

i took a walk in central park with a friend (ben had an important paper to finish). i just couldn't help but get out and enjoy. it was lovely.

p.s. many nyc restaurants give out free postcards (as pictured). i have a collection. i love it.


hey ben :: remember that time...?

remember that time…?

when we traveled for 5 weeks in asia

when i graduated with my master’s degree

when you started law school (and were majorly jetlagged. so proud of you.)

when we walked around to see the holiday windows and rockefeller tree in the pouring rain (not fun. thought my leather bag was a goner.)

when we lived in dc… i MISS it

when we first met… i instantly nicknamed you ‘big + beautiful’ in my head. we talked about italy (because i had just returned from living there). and we talked about soccer. i called it a pitch (instead of a field) and you knew it was love. and probably, so did i

how we moved into our nyc apartment and the next day- our friends came to visit

when we were dating and each week we’d switch off paying for date night because we’re awesome equals like that (wink)

when we spent all night looking all around the city for an inexpensive christmas tree and we finally found one… a block from our apartment!

when our lives where slightly less busy in dc and we’d meet for lunch dates (i.e. here + here) and it was like a mini vacation in the middle of the day

when we sneaked some banana pudding to eat at the top of the rock (rockefeller).

when we took our first big trip together? it was our honeymoon, 3 weeks long and probably set the precedent for all future trips. we learned so much about travel, love, marriage and ourselves

i love you

p.s. i hope to write these things down a little more often. i don’t want too many special memories to escape me in my old age (i am approaching 26 years after all!)


east village // west village

the prettiest fire station (at 18th and broadway) // someone brought cheer to the dreary subway by somehow hanging that rainbow baby toywe like to par-tay
amelia, margaux, jenn, me - at m's birthday gathering

we met up, in the east village, with married friends who had some unexpected news. we thought they were pregnant. but really they are moving. (and we are sad.) we ate delicious food and got caught in the rain. my umbrella is a little broken and i was wearing leather boots. crap.

we went to a friend's birthday gathering in the west village. we talked girl talk and swapped funny work stories. ate fancy cheeses and drank a virgin mojito. mmm mint + lime.

other tid-bits
lately i wonder... how much of my life is spent at ground level as opposed to underground or stories off the ground?
i am tired all the time. i appreciate a clean apartment and clean laundry. i am grateful for a job and for health insurance. i am extremely happy in my marriage. i am also extremely happy when i eat delicious food.
ben said the other day, "i love that you're a health nut, but you're also addicted to sugar."

true. very true.