a wedding? i love weddings!

the hudson... then jersey city
about to be married!
creative replies (rsvps) hanging from a ribbon tree
me + my looooveour newly engaged friends - tal + nathanme + jenn + ameliamargaux the rockstar (she sang us all a song)
margaux + me!
ben, jonathan, margaux, guess who that lady is? me.

on sunday we had the pleasure of attending margaux (mar-go) and jonathan's wedding. they had it at the chelsea lighthouse which is right on the hudson river.
as they were married, the sun was setting and boats were going by. birds were on the water. it was so romantic and picturesque.
no foolin'.

i started crying when i saw margaux walking down the aisle - she just looked so gorgeous and i also felt so much happiness for her because i know how much she loves jonathan (and he loves her) but also... she put sooo much work into their wedding. her creative and beautiful brain came up with so many of the little, lovely details of the wedding.
like the creative replies! i loved this. people drew pictures, wrote kind words, wrote jokes, told a funny story about the bride or groom. it felt very personal and like all the guests got to be involved.

the wedding, the whole thing went perfectly and was a whole night of fun. we would eat and then dance and then eat and dance again. we were eating dessert at literally midnight.
(let's just say monday was hard on all of us. sooo tired.)
but the wedding band was incredible and so into it that the guests had to dance the night away.

my heart just feels so happy for love birds getting married. i am so happy that margaux found such a saint like jonathan. such a great match. (thanks jdate)
and i also feel so much love for my marriage when i attend other weddings.
it's a win win for everyone!


good date, good date, good date *

i've always wanted a "half" address
pretty sister + fab food joint
jane's carousel
the best views of manhattan + brooklyn bridge are at brooklyn bridge park (dur)
the one where we look dreamy
kaleidoscope water tower!
who doesn't love a carousel on the water in a glass encasement?
serious and silly at the bus stop
and then i ate 2 whole pizzas by myself (...jk...)

*this one time, a while back when sister shayna and i were hanging out, one of us was on the phone too much during our "date" so the other said, "bad date, bad date, bad date!" ha...
needless to say, having sister here over the weekend was a GOOD date.

shayna flew in friday morning just in time for me to show her around our apartment and get her settled before i headed to work.
then it was...
a visit to the moma design store where sister bought me the nicest thing... the most perfect gift...
a rainbow umbrella.
we got our nails did. i am sort of addicted to this $20 for a manicure/pedicure thing (p.s. i HATE saying mani/pedi... sounds like a disease)
we ate
and then got ice cream
and sat in the park (with my feet up to avoid the rats... tmi? sorry.)

we woke up (not that early) and headed down to my least favorite place [times square] that has one of my favorite things [broadway shows]. got tickets
then got doughnuts and delicious beverages
then somehow managed to eat lunch shortly thereafter at the cutest little eatery -'ino- in the west village (delicious tooooo)
we saw chaplin on broadway. i think i loved it. oh yes i did. it was exciting and fun and heart-wrenching and i want to learn more about charlie chaplin and the shattered lives of hollywood stars
we ventured to brooklyn - just over the bridge - to see jane's carousel and find that kaleidoscope-like water tower. the water tower sits atop a building at 20 jay street in brooklyn (just north of the manhattan bridge). the water tower can be seen if you're standing under the mahattan bridge right near the water - or better yet, if you're on the bridge. the tower is in the southwest corner of that building. i thought it was gorgeous and i hope it stays. it would be a shame to take it down.
we then went to our reservation at spice market and had a 2.75 hour dinner - dinners that long make me so happy. it's just like a whole event within itself and that keeps me happy.
we came home and looked at photos from tropical vacations as my eyes were slamming shut

we went to church and shayna knew more people there than i did (ha)
we waited for the bus and went to patsy's pizza in east harlem (the original). if you want to know the story of ny pizza, i will tell you. later. (it involves lombardi's, patsy's and grimaldi's)
shayna and i went shopping but only to one place - uniqlo. the best place for japanese style basics. we both got much more than we needed but probably just as much as we wanted !
we went our separate ways since ben and i had a wedding to attend for the remainder of the night

and then monday morning, i went to work and shayna went to the airport. at the corner when i had to go east and shayna had to go west, we were about to say goodbye and i said, "this is when we cry" because many times when we say goodbye, we cry.
and i cried and then she cried. and then. i went east and she went west. literally.

thanks for coming sister. you were such a good date.


the smartest man i know

ben is the smartest person i know. and trust me, i know a lot of people :)

for ben's first (and "hardest") year of law school (1L is the term), he attended a great school on long island - hofstra law. it was an incredible year and ben learned so much and made the most of his 1L education.
and ben shined. he did so well as a 1L...

he did so well and got a bit tired of commuting from the big city to the island that is long...

that now he will be attending fordham law. and i just feel so proud of him. the school is much better, the location: amazing, the networking and opportunities are much more abundant.
i just feel like his and our quality of life just went up about 1,357 notches. and all i can say is...
go rams!

p.s. for those of you who may be confused, ben was also accepted to two other law schools (brooklyn + cardozo), but chose fordham as it is the best all around of the three choices!


and the world will know

bryant park
emily + caroline. and some other people too.
my favorite pretty city

caroline, also known as the fellow-student-bestie-friend-who-got-me-through-grad-school came to visit over the weekend (yes, it does feel like we're always either out of town or having fun guests in town!).

and what did we do? we took it easy, ate lunches and ice cream sandwiches in bryant park, saw a show (newsies, so good - even for our second time!) and the songs are still in my head, took the free ferry to governors island (technically part of manhattan), some of the bestest pizza at john's of bleecker (the real john's pizza), goat's milk ice cream, sitting in our favorite corner of the west village and of course a visit to the garden. the complete nyc tour with emily + ben, basically.

and the weather even cooperated. i loved every last minute. even when that guy from l.a. who sees "every broadway show" (including, bring it on the musical... seriously? i have standards dude!) tried to show me up on how much he knew about shows and how to get cheap tickets to shows.
don't challenge this girl, you'll lose. err something...

p.s. i've never realized how fancy bryant park is. you wanna know why? it's privately owned. not to say nyc run parks aren't beautiful - they are - but bryant park... well no wonder why fashion week has been held there in the past. fancy schmancy.


that time we hiked timpanogos (a really big mountain)

my try at impressionism (about 5:45am)
break time
happy hikers
the prettiest hike ever?
yes... that's the trail to the summit (or is it the trial?)
the tooooop - 11,749 feet!emerald lake down belowboy on a big mountaincan you spot the mountain goats scaling the mountains? and the chipmunk? and the moose?
for a few years now, ben and i have been determined to hike mount timpanogos in utah - we've "tried" the last two summers we visited utah (it's best to hike it in the summer unless you want to hike in snow). but we couldn't find the time.
so this time. we decided we would take an extra day and devote it to mt timp. and it's a good thing we did reserve a whole day... because that's how long it took.

we got up at 3:45am on monday morning (and after some half-asleep negotiations with ben to get out of bed), we were on our way. driving up the mountain. parking nearish to the timpooneke trailhead.

let's fast forward.
when we finally made it back to the car after our 12 hour hike (what was expected to be around 7 hours)... ben said, "that was one of the hardest things i've ever done." i sort of burst into tears and said, "it was so hard!"

i'd like to think the difficulty level was so high for us in particular because we live at sea level. the timpooneke trail starts at 7,000 feet elevation and the summit is nearly 12,000 feet elevation. 15 miles round trip.

the way up was hard and took long (we took a lot of good breaks). we even had some fellow hikers try to discourage us at about 6am - saying they had seen a "large animal" with "big eyes" when really all it was was a buck. come on people!
and the hike was just so pretty. evidence is above.

leading up the day of the hike, we kept saying to each other we'd try our best and if we didn't make it to the top top top, we would be ok. at least we'd make an effort.
but we were in the pretty plateau and saw the ridge and thought, we'll just do the ridge. and then once we were up there... it was like... ok we're almost to the summit. let's do this thing.

it was worth it. we made it. hell yeah.

and then somehow getting back down the mountain took almost as long as it did to get up. it sort of just kept going. we ran out of liquids (some "good samaritans" shared some of their water) but our legs were jello. and our entire bodies and souls, so tired.

it's all sort of a blur now, but we made it back. we ate our large fatty meal of cafe rio. we waddled around. we took an ice bath (oh yes, we did). and we're still pretty sore today (4 days later).

would i recommend the hike to you?
yes but only if...
you live at a high elevation (or are totally acclimatized to one). you bring lots and lots of water, snacks, gatorade, sunscreen, stamina. you bring a supportive companion. you love the mountains and hiking.


beautiful women in my life

foxy ladies (plus some babies)
emilys squared
emmy + linny
em + si + baby kai (who didn't want to be photoed)
mamma and seesters

a huge treat i get when i/we go to utah... is i get to see some of the beautiful women in my life. many of them, in fact.
i felt lucky to see all these women - especially because being in utah was such a whirlwind of events and seeing people and driving places and getting things done.

i'm glad i got to baby-shower-it-up for my favorite emily (besides myself, of course). and oooo and awww about a lot of pink clothing and a lot of tiny baby things. tiny baby things are the cutest things.
i'm glad i got to talk with old friends like we're still old friends.
i'm glad i got to hang with sister + her fam and my parents, eating food, talking about travel and just sort of soaking up our time together.
i'm glad we got to stay with sister-in-law at her new house, have pool time, have pancakes.
i'm glad we got some aggie ice cream, with just enough time to rush it and enjoy it.
i'm glad we got to be
in utah
in summer.

not pictured (but i saw): linda, katie, christina. we should be better about taking photos together! let's make it our goal.