we are strong believers in the free and pay as you wish museum times. it makes sense because:
1. we're cheap
2. we go to museums a lot
3. we have a lot of visitors that like to go to museums
4. we love art
5. we're cheap

the last museum we visited was the frick collection. frick was a super wealthy guy from pa that just liked to collect incredible art from peeps like el greco, monet, van gogh, turner, degas, goya...the list goes on. he left pa for nyc (holla!) and bought a lot on 5th avenue between east 70th and east 71st. no bigs. he built his home there (or rather a bunch of construction people did) and wanted his home and collection to turn into a museum one day. and it did. and it's amazing. the building itself is beautiful and historic and huge. the art is just a bonus. a big bonus.

so, try it. you'll like it.

the only downside is there are a lot of other people that go to museums when we do. like sometimes lines form to get into the museum. ugh. but honestly, i will tolerate the crowds if it means free/cheap. 

if you want more info on free/pay as you wish museum times in nyc, go here.


remember maine?

maine from emily blythe on Vimeo.

i realize our trip to maine was...in...october (here and here). but. i finally put together our videos as i tend to do. and put it to some sentimental music (claire de lune). i used claire de lune because it became sort of a joke with us --- we kept trying to play the whole song one time through as we were driving through acadia national park but couldn't get through it all the way because we kept getting out to see the park and do little hikes. because it was SO. BEAUTIFUL.

oh maine. can we make this a thing? october 2013? jetblue fare sale? yes please. 


"my face is temporary, our love is forever."

i am probably going to blog more often...at some point. maybe once i figure out the new blogger (yes, i'm still struggling with it. see all that space up there ^ ? i hate it. can't get it to work for me unless i light myself on fire.) i'm sure it's user error...but i am blaming blogger for now.

we were lucky to get shayna (sister) on her way back from a romantic getaway to my favorite place. nyc is just on the way home from europe back to san fran. ya know? so she came by to say hi. and hang out in the cold.
we ate at ultra delicious places like the mercer kitchen and jado sushi (some of the best sushi around, i am telling you). and we went to see picasso at the gugg (for my second time) because we like to go to museums when they are overly crowded...meaning when they are free or pay as you wish.
we went to bloomingdale's and cole haan and other tiny shops...and got a few treats. rode the bus and subway. took the compost to the garden. shayna got her boots shined at julio's (my favorite cobbler place) and she even took the subway down to meet me after work one day just to ride back up with me. a lady on the train was so fascinated we were talking to one another. not a lot of people converse on the subway very often.
basically did fairly normal day to day things.

it always feels like a dream when shayna comes to visit - here and in dc because we continue to go about our day to day things and shayna doesn't really throw our world in any sort of an upheaval. not that many of our guests do that...it's just different. so when she leaves it's like...wait, she isn't coming back? it seems like she should just be here all the time. 

i asked shayna which photos would be ok to post and she responded with the above - "my face is temporary, our love is forever." so that pretty much sums it up. 


like is a verb.

i don't really have any "resolutions" this year except
be a better person
have more fun
lose that thigh fat
exercise more
eat healthier
those are my goals every year. and somehow - well there are just some things i cannot change. my thighs for example. but i'll just blame that on genes. and sugar.

december was such a blur because work was nuts and ben was in finals and so we weren't taking care of one another or even just ourselves. oh december. lots of take out and random snacking meals and little sleep and running around. and now we're back to city life. ben starts school again tomorrow - officially in his second half of law school. what will we do when we're not in school anymore? i guess i'll just get another degree. (that's not an announcement.) and i am just a busy bee with the annual dinner event at work coming up soon.

we have been laying low and going randomly out. mostly to be with other people. on thursday of all nights we grabbed dinner and a broadway show - cat on a hot tin roof.
an incredibly profound show about being true to yourself and nurturing relationships. as i get older, because i'm like so old, i realize that relationships are one of those things that aren't to be taken lightly. relationships take a lot of work. and are important.
much like food and travel.
one true resolve i have is be a better listener - to improve my relationships. and i hope that if i listen better, others will listen better to me.
well that just sounds selfish. but you get what i mean?

i went through and grabbed the most liked instagrams of the last several months. just to illustrate some highlights of our last year.

i'm so happy to be where i am,
be who i am with,
right now.


our holiday break

flew to utah after work (which took much longer than needed since i am cursed with delays every.time.i.fly.)
got in really late - thanks for coming to get us and letting us stay, katie!

happy birthday to my dad.
linny + her cute boys were passing through salt lake city and stopped by to say hi! we were so lucky we got to see them.
we met ben's family for christmas tea at the grand america. mmm tea.
took a tour of ben's dad's old neighborhood - vintage salt lake city.
drove to provo. talked, chatted, napped. dinner at communal in provo - a really delicious dinner indeed. much better than i remember it. such a great place for provo to have!

took advantage of the long morning and drove to lehi, just me, to see my bybes friend, her husband and the newest addition, baby rilo. new babies are the sweetest. old friends are the best.
christmas church at 1pm. let's just say the violin solo of "silent night" was incredible.
"watched football."
drove to aunt annie's house in slc for a festive and italian themed extended family christmas dinner. i am so in love with ben's family. so many great people who have always been so accepting of me. we ate annie's famous lasagne, played the name game and ate some of alexis' amazing caramels.

christmas eve.
ate lunch at foundry grill with ben's mother, linda and sister, katie. i am decided that sundance is the most picturesque utah ski resort - with a view of mt timpanogos, the foundry grill and tree room, the general store...all of it is what a ski resort should be: cozy. and it was snowing, a lot.
ben + i went up to snowboard the afternoon. you can get a cheaper pass if you do the "2:30-4:30pm" time slot. you can buy your pass starting at 2:15pm...we got ours at 2:14pm. boarded, boarded, boarded and waddled the rest of the evening (the first time every season is always the hardest).
we had a scandinavian dinner (to honor our ancestors) and told some christmas jokes that turned into our nephew zach making up the funniest jokes and our nephew colin showing off by walking more than he has at this point - all around the room! 

it snowed in the morning. i thank utah for this. great family time. talked to my sister. dinner. did the christmas bells (we each play 1 or 2 bells to make christmas songs)! i love the bells. played poker - holla.

lots of snowing, lots of snowing. sundance for the afternoon again. lots of fresh snow. powder like powdered sugar.
dropped off dry cleaning because it's about 1/3 of the price in utah than in nyc. ohhh yeah.
cafe rio for dinner. yumms. costco! that's what you do in utah, go to costco.
les miserables. so. good. cry cry cry sobbing. moved. best review of the film, here.

shopping at j.crew! yes!
watched brave - i mention this because that cartoon character's hair is AMAZING.
dinner with fam at pizzeria 712. my sister kristen and broinlaw alan came to meet us! then we went to see the hobbit. it was fun...not as fun as i wished. kristen leaned over to me and said, "ben is like the opposite of a hobbit."

a full day of snowboarding at snowbird. the best place to go. the sun came out in the afternoon. the snow was so fluffy. we were so, so tired. but it was golden.
patagonia outlet (ben's favorite store). my sister, shayna flew in from san francisco as a surprise!
so we all had some dinner at sister kristen's house and talked about life, family and travel.

packed all morning (lots of stuff).
got my hair cut at the best place. and then met friends for a minute - at sammy's.
went to salt lake for a last family dinner with ben's fam.
went back to be with my sisters and fam and slept in slc.

flew away back home.

worked and had a fun closing-the-books-end-of-year gathering with my office people. then a small gathering with margaux, jonathan, their CUTE 3 dogs and amelia. we loved the low key new years and shaking our heads at all the insane people who go to times square for new year's eve (meaning, don't ever do it!).

a relaxing day off. with my favorite person.  

happiest new year to you.