we are strong believers in the free and pay as you wish museum times. it makes sense because:
1. we're cheap
2. we go to museums a lot
3. we have a lot of visitors that like to go to museums
4. we love art
5. we're cheap

the last museum we visited was the frick collection. frick was a super wealthy guy from pa that just liked to collect incredible art from peeps like el greco, monet, van gogh, turner, degas, goya...the list goes on. he left pa for nyc (holla!) and bought a lot on 5th avenue between east 70th and east 71st. no bigs. he built his home there (or rather a bunch of construction people did) and wanted his home and collection to turn into a museum one day. and it did. and it's amazing. the building itself is beautiful and historic and huge. the art is just a bonus. a big bonus.

so, try it. you'll like it.

the only downside is there are a lot of other people that go to museums when we do. like sometimes lines form to get into the museum. ugh. but honestly, i will tolerate the crowds if it means free/cheap. 

if you want more info on free/pay as you wish museum times in nyc, go here.


shayna said...

Ah frick. (did you know I was going to say that?) I can't believe I've never been to that museum. Chalk that one up on the list of stuff to do.

tiara purnomo said...

ooooooooooooooooo I love anything free!! especially museums! Although most museums here are already so cheap though hahaha ;p

the building looks amaaziiing~!! woooow... I love the details it has! ;D

Peggy said...

You know, I've never been to the Frick either and you know how I love art museums. Where the frick is it or what is it near? [Sorry puns are fun] I loved your shot of the fence.

Linds said...

i love frickin free stuff.