like is a verb.

i don't really have any "resolutions" this year except
be a better person
have more fun
lose that thigh fat
exercise more
eat healthier
those are my goals every year. and somehow - well there are just some things i cannot change. my thighs for example. but i'll just blame that on genes. and sugar.

december was such a blur because work was nuts and ben was in finals and so we weren't taking care of one another or even just ourselves. oh december. lots of take out and random snacking meals and little sleep and running around. and now we're back to city life. ben starts school again tomorrow - officially in his second half of law school. what will we do when we're not in school anymore? i guess i'll just get another degree. (that's not an announcement.) and i am just a busy bee with the annual dinner event at work coming up soon.

we have been laying low and going randomly out. mostly to be with other people. on thursday of all nights we grabbed dinner and a broadway show - cat on a hot tin roof.
an incredibly profound show about being true to yourself and nurturing relationships. as i get older, because i'm like so old, i realize that relationships are one of those things that aren't to be taken lightly. relationships take a lot of work. and are important.
much like food and travel.
one true resolve i have is be a better listener - to improve my relationships. and i hope that if i listen better, others will listen better to me.
well that just sounds selfish. but you get what i mean?

i went through and grabbed the most liked instagrams of the last several months. just to illustrate some highlights of our last year.

i'm so happy to be where i am,
be who i am with,
right now.


laden backpack said...

Wow, nice historical pics and some pretty profound thoughts about you, the year and things that need to be done. That's a pretty full plate but a nice menu just the same. Enjoy the direction for the year.

Anna said...

GORGEOUS instagrams! That mountain road is breathtaking. I agree with everything you said about resolutions and December blur and relationships. I've been doing pretty good at making peace with my thighs and sugar addiction.

Linda M. said...

What thigh fat???? Please don't delete any part of you.

shayna said...

I am with Linda, don't delete any part of you. I love all of you. I like this post, let's talk more about 2013 and what version of ourselves we're going to be.

Julie said...

Just found your blog, and really love it! Beautiful photos, you're inspiring me to go out and finally buy an actual camera.

Peggy said...

All of this is gorgeous but that last shot totally blows me away. It is even better than a painting by Constable or Turner.

Linds said...

so how are you doing on your resolutions?

get ready to have some linny comments...they're coming your way ;)