"my face is temporary, our love is forever."

i am probably going to blog more often...at some point. maybe once i figure out the new blogger (yes, i'm still struggling with it. see all that space up there ^ ? i hate it. can't get it to work for me unless i light myself on fire.) i'm sure it's user error...but i am blaming blogger for now.

we were lucky to get shayna (sister) on her way back from a romantic getaway to my favorite place. nyc is just on the way home from europe back to san fran. ya know? so she came by to say hi. and hang out in the cold.
we ate at ultra delicious places like the mercer kitchen and jado sushi (some of the best sushi around, i am telling you). and we went to see picasso at the gugg (for my second time) because we like to go to museums when they are overly crowded...meaning when they are free or pay as you wish.
we went to bloomingdale's and cole haan and other tiny shops...and got a few treats. rode the bus and subway. took the compost to the garden. shayna got her boots shined at julio's (my favorite cobbler place) and she even took the subway down to meet me after work one day just to ride back up with me. a lady on the train was so fascinated we were talking to one another. not a lot of people converse on the subway very often.
basically did fairly normal day to day things.

it always feels like a dream when shayna comes to visit - here and in dc because we continue to go about our day to day things and shayna doesn't really throw our world in any sort of an upheaval. not that many of our guests do that...it's just different. so when she leaves it's like...wait, she isn't coming back? it seems like she should just be here all the time. 

i asked shayna which photos would be ok to post and she responded with the above - "my face is temporary, our love is forever." so that pretty much sums it up. 


Linda M. said...

Shayna and Emily time has to be the best. You are two of the nicest people I know. Also, I love the glasses. Tres chic!

shayna said...

I think that's the best compliment you've ever given me. I love to just seamlessly insert myself in your lives. I feel like I should just be living with you. Visiting you and Ben is always my favorite vacation.

hanner said...

it's an html issue probably? just change the mode from formatted to html and just erase the spaces manually. i think. this happens to me too, but also happened in the old version for me...

Peggy said...

How profound how true, Shayna. So fun to see you two together. Love the double Guggenheim shot and the extra large glasses. Awe, the spring shoes at Bloomingdales like spring flowers, but you two girls together makes me feel like bloomin'double spring.

Linds said...

I think Emily&Shayna are like cheese&sprinkles. Perfect together.