remember maine?

maine from emily blythe on Vimeo.

i realize our trip to maine was...in...october (here and here). but. i finally put together our videos as i tend to do. and put it to some sentimental music (claire de lune). i used claire de lune because it became sort of a joke with us --- we kept trying to play the whole song one time through as we were driving through acadia national park but couldn't get through it all the way because we kept getting out to see the park and do little hikes. because it was SO. BEAUTIFUL.

oh maine. can we make this a thing? october 2013? jetblue fare sale? yes please. 


kELLO! said...

beautiful music! beautiful scenery and people.

shayna said...

Oh hey, it's Shayna. Can Maine be our thing? I will fly out in October!

Peggy said...

Claire de Lune and Maine were made for each other! What amazing scenery and beautiful couple. How romantic. Must see Maine!

Linds said...

This is a calm beautiful lovely video. I watched it twice.

Ben's leap of excitement is my favorite.