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if you know me in real life, you know that i recently learned to use a letterpress. my friend taught me at a local studio (in hipster williamsburg, brooklyn) just in time to press our holiday cards.

i think the art of letterpressing is beautiful and i love to know how it works and appreciate the process a whole lot. it's hard to do! and takes a lot of time, precision, attention to detail. i hope to start pressing many many more things.

and as always, thanks to shayna sister for designing the card. it's perfectly put together.


do you have any chocolate?

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jeffy + heidi of the utah jeffyheidis, came to visit over the last week. we got to spend a couple days with them as well as host them in our penthouse apartment.

it was jeff's first time to nyc - so we tried our best to show them an especially good time. they were able to do a lot of emilyandbenesque things (like see once the musical, go to museums when they are free, eat a lot).

heidi and i got a manicure. it was her first one ever and she told the manicurist who really didn't care she was a mani virgin.
and after chinese take out on monday night, heidi asked - do you have any chocolate? that's when i knew it was love. all i had was chocolate chips but that was more than enough.

jeffy has been our friend for so long - way back in our college days - but i'm glad we got to know heidi better and share some common loves like nail polish and late night chocolate.


the hudson valley.

Collage1 on our way to pick up our rental car (it's ok, it's a rental) IMG_5650 west point Collage2 a vineyard in winter // a "ski resort" IMG_5664 rainbow bridgeIMG_5685
fdr's home IMG_5693 Collage3 IMG_5713 IMG_5706 IMG_5716 vanderbilt mansion IMG_5742 IMG_5740 train tracks to the city IMG_5745 hi, i'm freezing

we decided to get some veryfreeeezing fresh air on saturday and sunday and drive up the hudson valley. i must say, new york is a very pretty state. we are a little helpless when it comes to driving in the sense that it's hard to follow signs for little country roads and make the correct turns and navigate and we just aren't experienced in the driving department as of late. thanks for that, nyc.

we took the subway downtown to pick up our rental car. after waiting in a line of people renting cars for their own weekend getaways...turns out we got the mustang. ?! yes. the red mustang convertible. so funny. we both felt embarrassed the entire weekend to be driving that car (especially when some punk teenagers complimented us on our "cool car.") but it was a source of laughter for the weekend. and also a source of stress, we didn't speed once...

we drove and drove, spent too much time and money here...drove by west point, drove through tiny towns on the west side of the hudson and then crossed the bridge to the east side into poughkeepsie (pooo-keep-seee...although most say, poo-kip-see). we settled into our hotel. drove to hyde park were the culinary institute of america is, for dinner. even though we checked their website, turns out their restaurants were closed for the weekend :( boo.
but instead we ate at table talk diner in poookeeepseee. who doesn't love a good diner? diners are awesome. and we of course ate way too much.
we also managed to enjoy the hot tub at our hotel until our eyes were burning with chlorine. the hot tub made it feel like a real vacation :)

we made sure to sleep in and enjoy our morning.
we then drove back up to hyde park to see franklin delano roosevelt's home...you know fdr, the guy that was pretty cool and president of the usa too. the house was pretty incredible. and the setting so lovely, right on the hudson. i'd like to go back in the summer to see it in bloom. it's a really great place to visit, but be warned, it's $14 per adult to tour the house and presidential library.

we didn't have the time to tour the vanderbilt mansion - but we made sure to drive by. the mansion, huge. the grounds, very impressive.

we then drove back down to the city. stopping at table talk's sister diner, red line diner. we had our fill of diners. literally.
we drove by sleepy hollow manor. it's now a sort of village and all the street signs have headless horsemen on them. i don't think i'd be ok living there. we did our best to stay on the hudson until it got dark. man oh man, the hudson is a beautiful river, and its valley only makes it more beautiful.

it's so funny how we always breathe a sigh of relief when we get back home. even though the city is so busy and loud and unforgiving - it's home and it's so good to be home.


pink morning.

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oh, harlem.
yesterday we went to the apollo theater (for the first time, which is shameful because it's just down the street from us and so beautiful, so historical, so much talent comes through there).

the theater had a free open house yesterday so people could come by and see what they have coming up throughout the year. like a hip-hop international festival in june. and urban spoken word and musical theater and most of all...music.

i am pretty sure when this talented 19-year-old woman did one of her spoken word bits...i was almost in tears. it was. INCREDIBLE. her story and the way she told it, really struck a chord.

and finally, i wanted to share this pink morning photo i took last week on thursday morning. it came just before the weekend of snow. it had to be shared.


standin' on canal and bowery

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whenever i am downtown, below houston street (and above chambers street), i feel totally different. there is no place like nolita, no charm like soho, no character like the lower east side (les) and chinatown. chinatown is a whole different city, if not country - like being in china!

i was down shopping with a friend this weekend (at second time around, erica weiner and old hollywood) and feeling so in love with the city. even though it was so cold and my legs stopped working after a while. such a sacrifice :)

i brought home this necklace and this necklace. a very successful outing.

live jazz + cheese

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on friday, our little, teeny, cute, local coffee shop, lenox coffee extended their hours with some jazz and cheese to celebrate. it makes me happy that more and more harlem hangouts-restaurants-cafes are getting lots of support and business.

not to mention lenox's space is historic, vintage and kind of like home with the exposed brick. i love it. and i love dates.