do you have any chocolate?

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jeffy + heidi of the utah jeffyheidis, came to visit over the last week. we got to spend a couple days with them as well as host them in our penthouse apartment.

it was jeff's first time to nyc - so we tried our best to show them an especially good time. they were able to do a lot of emilyandbenesque things (like see once the musical, go to museums when they are free, eat a lot).

heidi and i got a manicure. it was her first one ever and she told the manicurist who really didn't care she was a mani virgin.
and after chinese take out on monday night, heidi asked - do you have any chocolate? that's when i knew it was love. all i had was chocolate chips but that was more than enough.

jeffy has been our friend for so long - way back in our college days - but i'm glad we got to know heidi better and share some common loves like nail polish and late night chocolate.


shayna said...

Those pictures against that blue wall are really stunning. Can we take pictures in front of that blue wall sometime?

Peggy said...

Ditto. Shayna beat me to it. That shot is a barn burner.

laden backpack said...

Late night chocolate.. That must be the reason that there is a "late" in chocolate, must be the best time to have. I hope the chocolate chips were in the freezer, that means it takes them longer to melt in your mouth which intensifies the experience. If you are impatient, chewing those little frozen nuggets is such a treat. I love the blue wall too but I will let it go at that. Isn't it fun to show someone around who has never been around before. NYC is an experience. :)

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a beautiful story.

Brittany said...

Your photos are always fantastic, but I'm especially loving these ones. Your friends sound like kindred spirit friends, which are the best kind of friends to have.

Linds said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again :: best hostess and host of the city, forever ever.

That's Donovan's new saying, 'forever ever.'