pink morning.

photo IMG_5637
oh, harlem.
yesterday we went to the apollo theater (for the first time, which is shameful because it's just down the street from us and so beautiful, so historical, so much talent comes through there).

the theater had a free open house yesterday so people could come by and see what they have coming up throughout the year. like a hip-hop international festival in june. and urban spoken word and musical theater and most of all...music.

i am pretty sure when this talented 19-year-old woman did one of her spoken word bits...i was almost in tears. it was. INCREDIBLE. her story and the way she told it, really struck a chord.

and finally, i wanted to share this pink morning photo i took last week on thursday morning. it came just before the weekend of snow. it had to be shared.


Linda M. said...

Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

shayna said...

Maybe we should enter the hip-hop festival. It would be like the scene in Silver Linings playbook but much worse. And I probably wouldn't laugh as hard.

laden backpack said...

Light is intoxicating whether it be on the stage or in
The sky. It brings depth and dimension to the flat black of
Night as it rushes to give us morning. Ilove the pink morning shot and the lights of the Apollo. How have we missed that in our travels? Nice post

Peggy said...

I love the your pink sky! It's like a Westside Story backdrop. And how fun to go to the historic Apollo Theatre!

Linds said...

hot pink. mother nature is an artist. for sure.